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Sep 27, 2009 04:22 PM

Restaurant for Sukkot Near Coolidge Corner??


I'm looking for a restaurant for Sukkot in Coolidge Corner for around 10 people for next Saturday night. Any suggestions?


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  1. may seem like an odd suggestion for Sukkot but if you can make Brookline Village, call and make a reservation for 10 people at Family Restaurant - wonderful Turkish food, fresh and with lots of good choices, and not expensive. Otherwise, I'd go with Dok Boa on Harvard Street near Wulf's Fish Market.

    1. Lineage is very fresh/harvest-based, consistent with how I think of the holiday.,

      1. How about the Beacon Street Tavern? If it's nice out, they have a patio. Bring some poles and branches, set up a sukki right out there! :D