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Sep 27, 2009 03:36 PM

Chatsworth Bound

I have searched the boards, but mostly are based on food type and price. I want to know the best can't miss places near Chatsworth, regardless if they are a dive or upscale. I am open to all cuisines!

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  1. Someone else just asked the same question. I suggested LOS TOROS for Mexican/Margaritas, VINCENZO'S for pizza, OMINO SUSHI, LES SISTERS for Southern, CAFE ORIENT, and SEVAN CHICKEN.

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    1. re: brandygirl

      Thank you so much for your timely reply!

      1. re: coventry67

        I work in Chatsworth and can help you out big time:

        -Terriyaki Plus
        -Osaka Japanese/Korean
        -Fast Taco
        -Thai West
        -Le Sisters Soul Food
        -Indian Buffets on Topanga
        -Chi Chi's
        -Viva la Vida Marisco
        -Bale Vietnamese for chicken or Pho

        Give some of these a shot!



        1. re: Hypnotic23

          Hey Stuart, are you still positive on The Station? We have always intended to get there someday. (and now I note that they have relocated to Northridge from Chatsworth) I wonder if Go's Mart Sushi in Canoga Park would be too far away for the OP? It has certainly gotten some good reviews here over the years.

          Go's Mart
          22330 Sherman Way
          Canoga Park, CA 91303
          (818) 704-1459

          1. re: Servorg

            For sushi, Brothers Sushi is my favorite, not to far from Chatsworth

            There is a decent all u cant eat sushi spot in Chatsworth on Desoto called "Sushi Inn" and they make your dishes fresh as you order.

            As for as The Station goes, I ate there once in Chatsworth-enjoyed it but never returned back.



            1. re: Servorg

              Go's is good (he is the brother of Megu) but I find it terribly expensive - all that gold leaf really jacks up the check if you're not paying attention. Still, excellent sushi.

              1. re: TomSwift

                Go's Mart just may be my favorite outside of Sushi Zo. At least at Go's it's more casual and you can take your friends that demand those junkiy rolls.

        2. Someone had just put up this post on the Chatsworth area:

          Oops! Now see the post was by brandygirl who replied to don't worry about going to this link since she covered them already....

          1. How about:
            Country Deli on Topanga @Lassen - Not as good as Brent's
            Brent's @ Corbin/Parthenia
            Punjab Palace @ Nordhoff/Shirley (behind the Northridge Mall)
            Rosies BBQ - take out @ Topanga/Devonshire; Eat in @ Tampa/Nordhoff (good lunch bar)

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            1. re: Kitchen Queen

              The Rosie's on Topanga is not affiliated with Rosie's on Tampa. They have different names (forgot what's what) and I asked the staff at the Tampa location and they said the Topanga one was not related to them. The Tampa/Nordhoff Rosie's is definitely better than the Topanga one.

            2. We lived in Chatsworth for 7 years and just moved, but we are still close enough to enjoy our favorites.

              Omino sushi -- excellent sushi at great prices (Devonshire/Variel)
              Les Sisters -- good cajun/creole food, but can be somewhat inconsistent (Devonshire/Topanga)
              Angelo's Ristorante -- good sit down Italian (Mason/Devonshire)
              San Carlo Deli -- good Italian deli; good sandwiches (Mason/Devonshire)
              Vincenzo's Pizza -- good pizza; they deliver, and have coupons in those weekly mailers (Mason/Devonshire)
              Cafe Graikos -- good greek food with some great healthy/vegetarian options (Tampa/Rinaldi)
              A&W -- decent chinese food, with dim sum cart service in the mornings. Hits the spot when you can't make it out to the SGV (Reseda/Prairie)
              India Sweets & Spices -- great veg indian fast food. I'm indian, we we eat here all the time. (Sherman Way/Topanga)
              Punjab Palace -- good North Indian food, but has been inconsistent lately. (Nordhoff/Corbin)
              Cupid's Hot Dogs -- good chili cheese dogs; one of the original locations (Lindley/Nordhoff)
              California Chicken Cafe -- good roasted chicken and healthy sides and salads (Nordhoff/Lindley)
              Galleria Market -- they have a korean food court inside that's pretty good (Devonshire/Reseda)
              Sandwich Express - decent banh mi for when you have a craving (Reseda/Sherman Way)

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              1. re: boogiebaby

                Not a bad list... I agree. How about adding Hot's Cantina (across from Galleria by Albertson's) and the Korean BBQ on the SE corner behind the carwash (forget name-like 3 one syllable korean words) -- also, Buenos Aires Grill for the gaucho steak & creamed spinach plus decent wines and great BYOB policy & of course, Brent's -- only thing I would argue on yourliost is Vincenzo's - I think their pie has gone down hill -- I actually think Maria's (Nord/Reseda) makes a decent pizza and ceaser and Punjab - blech -- Woodlands is much better (lassen and Topanga) if you want Indian.

                1. re: truefoodie

                  Punjab Palace is North Indian cuisine, while Woodlands is South Indian. Two com-pletely different types of food. I'm Punjabi, and Punjab Palace is the restaurant everyone we know caters their food from, including us. I haven't eaten in the actual restaurant in ages, but all the catered food we've had from there has met or exceeded our expectations for traditional Punjabi food. Woodlands is good, don't get me wrong, but it's completely different from Punjabi food.

              2. I agree about Les Sisters for southern food. Down the street for greasy burgers try the Munch Box on Devonshire at the railroad tracks.

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                1. re: chuck

                  2 great breakfast burrito spots also in Chatsworth:

                  Flooky's on Canoga Ave.
                  Nat's Early Bites on Topanga Cyn (Yes, same as the one in Sherman Oaks)