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Sep 27, 2009 03:27 PM

Italian/Seafood Birthday Dinner for 2 - $250

My 25th birthday is coming up soon and my gf is asking where I want to go, preferably seafood or Italian. We've done Convivio, Scarpetta and Babbo recently, Convivio being our favorite, anywhere with chicken liver like that gets a spot in my heart forever.

Is it possible to get out of Marea with some wine for $250? We love Aquagrill but would like to try somewhere new, any other seafood spots, besides Le Bernarndin where we're doing her b-day later this year?

I don't have any interest in Del Posto, are there any other big name Italian places worthy of a $250 bill? Lupa's menu looks good and reasonably priced, don't know how nice of a place it is.

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  1. For a birthday dinner, I think Marea would be the best choice. If you have just a glass or two of wine, dinner should come under $250 for two. At a lower price point, Esca would be a good fit. Those are the two best seafood-focused Italian restaurants in the city. For Italian restaurants in general, Alto, Locanda Verde and Lupa merit consideration. Both Locanda Verde and Lupa are considerably more casual and less expensive than the restaurants you've listed in your post.

    1. for seafood, try milos west 55 st

      1. I recently went to Marea. Their prix fixe is $89 for 4 course but you can also do a la carte. I did a la carte this time. I spent $120 for two on food (2 apps, 2 entrees, 1 dessert) and found a great bottle of wine for $36. I was full and very happy at the end. I would definitely recommend it! Meal also includes free amuse and complimentary chocolate at the end.

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          thanks tasty, thinking I will probably go with Marea