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Sep 27, 2009 03:00 PM

Good Dessert Places

Does anyone have any suggestions for places to go for good desserts, places where you don't have to go for a full supper, but can drop in for a coffee and nice creme brulee etc? Other than Kilo, Calories, and Rockaberry, I can't find a really nice cafe that serves top notch desserts. Your suggestions please....

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  1. Juliette et Chocolat at 1615 St-Denis, above de Maisonneuve.

    Chocolate-themed desserts galore, including crepes, brownies, fondue and old-fashioned hot chocolate.

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      I went to mamie clafoutis on Van Horne a week ago to have a clafouti and if you want to eat in you choose your dessert downstairs and take it yourself upstairs with lots of seating arrangements including sofas and even have a piano,games. They were advertising for musicians for their tearoom and I see they have a schedule of literary evenings. I didn t think the clafouti was all that good but would certainly go back to try some of the other desserts, can also have quiche, etc, just buy it at counter for takeout or upstairs. It gets very busy on weekends.

      there are also pastry shops with salon du the like in cote des neiges or patisserie gascogne or pagel in mileend

    2. You could try POP, the bar associated with Laloux. They supposedly have great desserts, and i think the bar is more friendly to desserts only, but perhaps someone who has been can comment.

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        I went to POP about a year ago for desserts only, and it wasnt a problem. Though I remember it wasnt a friday or saturday night.

      2. are there any in the downtown area? the only one i can think of is calories and juliette et chocolat