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Sep 27, 2009 02:59 PM

Excellent meals in Worcester MA.

We just came back from a weekend in Worcester and, thanks to Chowhound, enjoyed several great meals. Corner Grill - the best pizza ever and BYOB wine! The Boynton - do try the Chicken Caesar on Flatbread Salad, YUM. The Sole Proprietor - so professionally run on such a busy night; a wonderful meal, perfectly paced service, honored reservations. And you have to LOVE their hedge of Tithonia around the parking lot. Nicely done. The Parkway Diner - what can I say? A very good breakfast in a time capsule.

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to our city. Come back soon, and when you do consider Armsby Abbey, Baba, Bocado, Baja Grill, and One Love!

    1. Just wanted to plug Worcester too as I've recently enjoyed meals at Armsby Abbey (great brunch items) and Jewel Box (sort of fusion Asian fare). I also had absolutely terrific desserts at Sweet on Shrewsbury St (try the french doughnuts-- a twist on beignets, stuffed with chocolate--yikes!)

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        Sadly Baja Grill is no more..