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Sep 27, 2009 02:20 PM

Best of DC - Walking distance from Union Station

In town for a week-long conference near Union Station. Wondering what are the best eat in that part of the city.


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  1. There are quite a few posts and threads on this board about good restaurants near Union Station. Perhaps you could start with some of the recommendations here:

    1. Johnny's Half Shell (seafood with a New Orleans theme)
      Bistro Bis (French)
      Art and Soul (Southern)
      The Monocle (steak)
      Toscana Cafe (Italian)
      White Tiger (Indian)
      Taqueria Nacionale (tacos, limited seating, lunch only)

      1. Taylor Gourmet on H Street. Amazing Philadelphia-style sandwiches with extremely high-quality bread, meats, and cheeses.

        1. I would go to Bistro Bis for excellent French and Art and Soul for delicious Southern cuisine. Both have nice bars so if you are dining alone and prefer to eat at the bar (as I often do when traveling for business) these are good choices.

          A bit longer of a walk but not too far is Sonoma--a nice wine bar with food. And for a great turkey burger (their beef burgers are good as well but I think the turkey is the best in town) try Good Stuff Eatery.