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Sep 27, 2009 12:54 PM

In search of a better guacamole

I just made some guacamole and came to the horrible realization that my guac is "meh" at best. I've never really followed a recipe - just avocado, chopped tomato + onion, lime juice, salt, cilantro.

I had an awesome guac at the Encore in Vegas a couple of weeks ago. It was delicious and smoother than the chunky variety I make and and really, really green. Maybe too much so - who knows what made it so green, but it was delicious. My guacamole is pale green as are my avocados.

I'm starting to think the fault is w/my avocados - not very flavorful. We're blessed w/an abundance of avocados in SoCal and I buy mine (Haas I believe - pebble-skinned) at the grocery store or Costco. Could someone please educate me as to whether there's an avocado with more flavor? Thanks so much.

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  1. Avocados is one of the fruits that never ripens on the tree. They only ripen after they're harvested. They need to be stored at room temperature (never in the refrigerator) somewhere between about 65 & 75 degrees is ideal.
    Haas avocados are, IMO, superior to most others for flavor and texture. Avocados are usually broken down by groups, based upon where they're grown. Mexican avocados (with smooth skins) are preferred by some; I prefer the Haas. But they have to be fully ripe or they're unworthy of using in any recipe. They ripen from the large end of the fruit toward the stem. So if the stem is soft the fruit may well be over-ripe.
    Refrigerating avocados changes their molecular structure and, once refrigerated, they will never ripen; they'll just soften as they age until they become rotted. If you got hold of an avocado that had been refrigerated you didn't have a change to make a decent guacamole.
    Your recipe doesn't include garlic. IMO, guacamole without garlic is like a bath without water. I might also add a touch of Cumin.

    1. Hi, mocro...we have Florida-style avocados here that I believe are the Fuerte variety but to me, Hass avocados are KING. I agree with todao...the avocado needs to be just ripe for the guac and please DO add fresh crushed garlic! There have been many fun discussions and threads of the 'proper guacamole' on this board. Perhaps try it next time with the fresh garlic and see if it helps, also making sure that your fruit is ripe before preparing.

      1. I'm not a fan of garlic in guacamole, but I do love to add finely diced ripe jalapeno peppers.

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          hmmmm...that would make it greener, to be sure, as mocro is seeking.

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            Chopped black or green olives are good too. I've even had some with finely chopped (almost to a powder) bacon bits that I didn't find any reason to complain about.

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              Definitely no garlic, it overpowers the delicate avocado. I prefer serrano peppers to jalapeƱos in guac.

            2. Don't compare *your* guacamole results, regardless of the avocadoes, to that of a restaurant.

              There are companies that're now providing peeled, mashed avocado product (as well as slices) in cryovac to restaurants. They're perfectly ripened, but the color is then "locked in" by using chemicals.

              I've been given complimentary samples of these "prepared" avocado products for my restaurant, and although they're quite tasty (and *very* eye-appealing), these products are nowhere near as good as the (sometimes homely-looking) fresh product.

              1. Here is Rick Bayless' take on guac, I have done this with and without the mango. If I omit the mango I will sometimes add some garlic. I really think the red onion makes a difference. What type of onion do you use?
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