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Sep 27, 2009 12:44 PM

Mexican arty cafe thingy...

Has anyone been to this place on the Danforth east of Woodbine? Looks fascinating. Is the food as colourful as the cafe?

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  1. I went once a year ago and had the nachos. They were huge, and that's about all I remember about them (which I'm guessing is a bad thing). I tried to get something smaller, but everything seemed to be in large combo-style dished. It was packed on a Saturday night, and everyone seemed to a regular or from the area.

      1. re: Dimbulb

        I wonder, because El Sol is West of Coxwell

          1. re: Paulustrious

            Sorry, my error. I meant west of Woodbine.

        1. What kind of Mexican are you looking for? There are a number of very basic places that serve good honest food (El Trompo on Augusta (Licenced), Tortillaria (not licenced), El Palenque (licenced)), as well as some more upscale places such as Milagro (two locations, both licenced with good tequila lists), and Frida on Eglinton, which is more upscale.

          We also have a number of South American communities within the city that use similar ingredients to different effect. If you want to try some interesting places that are extremely casual, you can try out the small kitchens at the back of a couple of South American grocery stores on Augusta in Kensington Market. Perola's and Emporio Latinho have little kitchenettes that put out tamales, tacos, pupusas and other things that are extremely tasty. Also on Augusta is El Gordo empanadas, 40 varieties+, next to Segovia meats, which does some of the best chorizo in the city. From your other posts, You might enjoy these places.

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            The carnitas at Rebozos are a must try for any fans of pork.

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              Thanks! That gives me quite a list to work on. I was unaware that there were so many authentic Latin places in the city.

            2. Do you mean the place with all the little pottery suns on the wall? If so, you're talking El Sol.

              1. It is indeed El Sol. Anyone else been there? Thoughts?

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                  The food is above average for Mexican in Toronto. It is overpriced and, as mentioned, service is slow and variable.

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                      I used to (i.e. many years back) love it there and overlooked the slow service but when I went there about 2 or 3 years ago, the veggie platter I usually order was stunningly flavourless and my dining companion who never complains about food, was SO unimpressed. Maybe it was an off day. If I thought it could still deliver, I'd go back and suffer the service.