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Sep 27, 2009 12:36 PM

Butter poached lobster question...

I'm planning to butter poach a lobster this evening. The recipe I have says to boil a 2 lb lobster for 2 minutes, take it apart, then poach the meat for 5-6 minutes. I have a 5 lb lobster (holy crap!), how should I adjust these times so as to properly cook the lobster, without overcooking it?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. About 1 minute of boiling per pound of lobster should get you started.
    IMO, the total cooking time for your lobster, boil + poach, should not exceed 15 minutes.
    A 5 pound lobster? OMG, that's a jumbo and then some.
    Never cooked one that big myself.
    A 2 pound lobster usually cooks completely in boiling water in around 13 - 15 mnutes. You could just cook them as they might normally be handled (boiled and ice water immersed) but stop just a bit short of the final cooking time and poach a little less than the 5-6 minutes.

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      Thanks. Ended up boiling for 4 minutes, and butter poaching for about 10 minutes. It was crazy good.

      Thanks again, it worked out well.

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        At a restaurant where I worked, we ordered and cooked a 10 lb lobster once by special request. They come bigger than that, but there were only 2 people eating it! We just put it on a tray and into the steamer and just a little longer than usual.

        Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy, but the one time I had lobster poached in butter , I hated it. All I could taste was butter, no lobster taste discernable at all. Since I don't like drawn butter with regular lobster anyway, I guess it's not that strange.

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          you know i've had it a few different places and in some i've hated it. i suspect they steamed and poached everything ahead of service and then finished portions in more butter to serve.

          i agree with you, i don't even use the drawn butter to dip.

      2. If it doesn't make you too squemish cut it in half from head to tail. Clean the meat out of the shell and claws and then poach. If you are squemish cut off the tail and then tear off the claws and just don't think about it. Poached in butter takes a decadent dish and makes it extraordinary.