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Sep 27, 2009 12:09 PM

Bistros in the 9th? Also markets and cheese shops?

I will be staying in an apartment in Oct in the 9th. I am looking for reasonable bistros to eat in.
Also, I want to try to prepare a few meals at the apartmert and am looking for markets to shop from. I prefer outdoor markets like a greenmarket, but will also need a place to buy coffee from too. Am looking for good cheese shops too so any recs would be appreciated!

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  1. The 9th, as most Parisian arrondissements, is big and therefore an unprecise location. That said the rue des Martyrs is in my opinion the food loving center of that arrondissement, it has many incredible food shops like Delmontel's bakery across the street from and excellent cheese shop, with a wonderful charcutier and a great patissier (Seurre) a bit lower, etc.

    There are many good bistrots, though I'm not sure what you call reasonable. Casa Olympe, Wally le Saharien, Le Pré Cadet, Le Petit Riche, Spring of course if it happens to be open jump to my mind.

    Do you mean you cant to buy coffee beans?

    1. Acabo for chocolate near metro Blanche. The owner should not be missed, chocolate is her passion and she lights up the teeny shop. You are also quite close to Galleries Lafayette, a fine choice for wine, bread(Kayser) and general groceries. Their cheese shop is not too shabby as well. Not food but the auction house, Hotel Druout is also in 9th and a wonderful place it is.

      1. Depending where you are in the 9th, you may find convenient Café Panique -- about only 30 seconds (walking) from the 9th into the 10eme, on 12, rue des Messageries, just off rue Faubourg Poissonniere (and just south of Métro Poissenniere).

        The website is here:

        My prior post/ description is here:

        I’m curious to know how others react to this bright little place.


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          Wally le Saharien is gone, ditto Spring. Le Petit Riche quite grim.
          Carte Blanche on rue Lamartine is quite good.

          - Friday afternoon only: Place d'Anvers. It is a maraîchers market. Is that the same thing as a greenmarket? If it is rude for me to give a link to an article that my husband wrote about the market and about "Weird Vegetable Lady", kindly take it out:
          - rue des Martyrs, the section near the church Notre Dame de Lorette
          - rue Cadet. Kosher.
          - rue Lepic market is not far, at least not far from my corner of the 9th…

          Daniel Rose of Spring steered me to an excellent cheese and dairy shop: La Ferme Saint Hubert, 36, rue de Rohechouart. Don't, I repeat don't, try the beurre Bordier aux algues there. It is a hard drug.
          Bon séjour.