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Sep 27, 2009 11:53 AM

Recent Jackson Heights meals #2

I've eaten at Lali Guras several times now and have been meaning to write it up here.

I have tried Shangri-La, Himalayan Yak and Mustang Thakali, and Lali Guras's food is as good as Mustang Thakali or Himalayan Yak. I didn't particularly like Shangri-la. Lali is not good for a crowds nor for folks who want much atmosphere, for that you'll have to go to Himalayan Yak or Mustang Thakali.

Of the bunch I prefer Lali's momos (steamed chicken or beef dumplings) and thukpa/thenthuk (noodle soups). The sauces that go with their momos are particularly good and the skin of the momo is just a bit chewy . The soup base of the thukpa or thenthuk is better than the ones from the cometition which I find a bit bland. I have a fond memory of a thukpa from Tibetan Yak (now Himalayan Yak) years ago that was full flavored and brimming with spinach and daikon. Lali's is like that. Another favorite is the Dhido & mutton combination plate. This is served in a large round plate containing several small dishes and dhido in the center. Dhido is similar to African fu-fu or even polenta. The small dishes include:

- anchovy hot sauce that is so good I can eat alone with dhido
- mildly spicy sauteed mustard greens
- dal - exceptionally tasty
- misc spicy pickles, sometimes daikon
- a potato curry type dish
- and the meat of your choice, I often get mutton curry

I was informed by some friendly table mates that all the items in the platter are intended to be refillable except for the meat dish.

I don't remember the exact prices but it is inexpensive. I think the Dhido combination is $8, order of 8 momos is about $5, and thukpa is about $5.

Lali Guras
37-63 76th St, Queens, NY 11372

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  1. I've been to Lali Guaras twice for take out both very good. I've enjoyed the thenthuk with beef and chicken momo's. This place is very busy which why I ordered take out since I live very close. I plan to return again today for the thukpa. Prices are reasonable. Thanks for the recommendation.