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Sep 27, 2009 11:50 AM

Baby Blues BBQ in Venice?

Is this place any good? I've been to California Chicken Cafe a few times these last couple of weeks and this place is next door and always seems packed.

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  1. You might want to check out some of these prior threads about it. Some like it (we do) and some think it is dreck.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Count me in the group that thinks it's unpalatable dreck (except for the collards). I hope anyone who likes the food at BBBBQ will report on their comparisons with Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks, Zeke's in Montrose, Kansas City BBQ in North Hollywood, Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach, or Blake's in Anaheim, for example. Those places are all over the map in quality, style, and location, but all are much better than Baby Blues, IMHO.

      Of course, nothing compares to the wandering feast -- Big Mista -- especially on Thursdays when you can watch your order coming together in their tent at the El Segundo Farmer's Market. The fabulous smell and delicious anticipation, the cool ocean breeze, the Southern California sun, ...

    2. I love Baby Blues and don't like Zekes at all. Give it a try for yourself, no harm will be done either way.

      1. Buyer beware.

        I've tried it on at least 3 separate occasions (I live 3 blocks away) with no luck, Quite possibly the worst BBQ I've ever had.

        2 votes for yes & 2 votes for no.

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        1. re: WileysHungryAgain

          I got better pulled pork from Vicente Foods, under a Tony Roma's label.

        2. Bodacious Q, in a shopping center on the corner of Avalon and University, beats all the "BBQ" phonies I have tried in the Los Angeles area. Granted, I have not tried all but the many I have tried, do not compare. Duck, his wife Marsha, and daughter Debbie, will not only serve you brisket smoked for 18 hours but serve you some laughs, too. Sides are not important there, although the slaw and beans are very tasty. Get the brisket, the chopped pork, the ribs - get it all. And they give you Wonder White Bread, the way BBQ should be served.

          1. Like all BBQ places, they do some things better than others. And personal BBQ preferences are also a big factor. That said, I've tried most of the BBQ in the LA area and I still find the babybacks here to be the very best in town. Most everything else they do is just okay or decent, to varying degrees. But again, that's to my taste. But it's definitely worth trying it yourself.