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Sep 27, 2009 11:45 AM

Outer Banks Report

Just back from two weeks, one in Kill Devil Hills, one in Duck. Have been going down there for almost a decade, this is the second trip w/ the kids.

Aqua S, Duck- FANTASTIC meal. Had my doubts, as it is upscale and expensive, but it far exceeded my expectations. Local wahoo was cooked perfectly, great wine list and attentive and pleasant service. Can't wait to go back.

Red Sky Cafe, Duck- did take out. Simple food, good, but not great. However, bonus points for the tasty local shrimp (you would be amazed how many places down there don't serve them). Moderate prices.

Roadside Grill, Duck- lunch was the fantastic fish sandwich, others have the steak sandwiches, very good. A local tradition. They also do take out, if they are not too busy. Moderate.

Flying Fish, KDH- hate to say it, but I was very dissapointed. Usually it is my go-to spot for excellent seafood and a fantastic wine selection. However, I will return again to give it another chance, could have been an off night. Expensive.

Barefoot Bernies, Kitty Hawk- decent bar food and the NFL ticket for game-watching. Inexpensive.

we do a lot of cooking out there ad I wholeheartedly reccomend Carawan Seafood, right in front of the wal-Mart in Kitty Hawk. wonderful, fresh stuff. Got crabs, scallops, mussells and local shrimp.

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  1. Glad to hear your report. Aqua S in Duck had more than a few doubters when it first opened last year and we heard a number of disappointing reports. But when neighbors of ours in Duck told us this past summer that the place had greatly improved, we tried it in July and were thoroughly delighted with it. When weather permits, sitting out on the deck by the Sound is wonderful. We, too, are looking forward to returning.

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