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Sep 27, 2009 11:18 AM

any good "regular" delis in carroll gardens/cobble hill?

are reliable delis for a regular sandwich? good old fat piled american style heroes/etc? i just had maybe the worst sandwich from Franks Grocery on Smith/2nd. crappy tomatoes/lettuce. roughly 4 slices of turkey and roast beef combined. crappy roll. just left a poor taste in my mouth and some extra space in my stomach. what do you recommend? i'm considering just hitting up the deli counter @ Met on Henry for my weekend sandwich needs.

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  1. That's what happens when you eat in pretentious neighborhoods, lol!
    Try Dafonte's in Red Hook, Columbia St, I think... REAL sandwiches for regular folks.

    1. i usually only get the rice balls there, but others love the sandwiches at Joe's Perette on Smith/1st. The tomaotes will be the cardboard kind and the lettuce is shredded on the slicer but the bread is usually fresh and the meat is piled pretty high. it's a real old-school place.

      Another decent option is Mastellone on court and degraw.

      Caputo's, Esposito's Pork Store, and Brooklyn Bread all make more expensive, fancier sandwiches that range from decent to very good.

      1. i think you guys are missing my drift... i'm looking for something along the lines of a solid bodega that you'd find in manhattan. boar head cold cuts, etc. nothing remotely fancy, just reliable.

        mastellone might be worth checking out but honestly i think the supermarket deli @ met will be my winning option.

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        1. re: the_state

          There's nothing fancy about Joe's Perette. Boar's head cold cuts, italian rolls or heroes--very very bodega-like old-school. plus, as a bonus you can throw in one or two of their delicious rice balls as a side to your sandwich.

          I don't get sandwiches from Mastellone's but they should be fine. I think joe's are probably better.

          The met on smith does fine sandwiches, so i'm sure the one on henry will as well.

          Some friends get turkey sandwiches from the bodega/deli on the corner of nelson and court and they say they're good.

          BTW, frank's is just generally awful.

          1. re: the_state

            "i think you guys are missing my drift... i'm looking for something along the lines of a solid bodega that you'd find in manhattan. boar head cold cuts, etc. nothing remotely fancy, just reliable."
            If you'd ever been to Dafonte's you'd realize I'm definitely getting your drift.. You asked for a :
            " good old fat piled american style heroes/etc" and that's what you'd get at Dafonte's.
            i mean who gets a sandwich at Met, anyway???

            1. re: Tay

              defonte's isnt very close to carroll gardens when you want to just pick up a hero. it's more of a destination spot, and if i'm going there you best believe i'm getting a hot hero w/ something considerably less healthy than cold turkey.

              joe's sounds like the winning option. i'll check them out next time i need a fix. i'll never go to franks again - i paid 10 bucks for a 20oz soda, small bag of chips and skimpy turkey/rbeef on a roll!!!!

              1. re: the_state

                I'll be smiling all evening at the thought of Dafonte's being referred to as a 'Destination spot"

                1. re: Tay

                  they make a hero the size of a DVD player with hot roast beef, fried eggplant, fresh mozz and au jus for under $10. i'd drive to jersey for something like that depending on my motivation.

                  1. re: Tay

                    Unless you live near there, then of course it is a destination spot.

            2. Its worth making the trip to Ziads near the corner of Smith and Bergen. It's your basic bodega with a very good deli. Good selection of Board's Head meats and cheeses. Reasonable prices, the deli guys know what they're doing. One of the few decent 24-hr options in the hood. Give it a try.

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              1. re: venezuelan

                far walk from union & clinton. i'm looking for stuff in a pinch but 24hr availability is good to know....

                1. re: the_state

                  Just about as far, but Paisano's butcher shop has fantastic sandwiches the size of a men's shoe. $9-10 and will give you enough for later.