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Sep 27, 2009 09:05 AM

Dinner in Fort Lauderdale near water taxi

We are spending one night in Fort Lauderdale prior to a cruise. We won't have a car but will be staying near the water taxi. We are looking for either seafood or Itialian. Anyone have a recommendation for a nice place for dinner. Thanks......

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  1. I'm pretty sure that the water taxi stops at Blue Moon Fidh Company. It may also stop at da Campo Osteria.

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      Don't know about Campo Osteria but Blue Moon is far from the Water Taxi.

      Attached is a link to the water taxi map and each stop will list the local restaurants.

      I think your best bet is the SE 9th St stop which is just south of Las Olas and walk over to Johnny V or Las Olas Cafe or Stop 5 Bahia Mar and head over to the Mariott for 3030 Ocean which may be best seafood in the county.

    2. Water Taxi stop #1 is at Oakland Park Blvd and the Intracoastal Waterway, at Shooters Restaurant. da Campo is a two block walk north. There is a nice restaurant at stop #1 called Charley's Crab. Stop #1 is at the NORTHERN most water taxi stop. You can go to and check out what restaurants are at what stop. At stop # 2, Galleria One, you will find three restaurants at the Galleria Mall, just one block west of stop #2. They are: Trulucks, a new seafood restaurant, Capital Grille and Seasons 52. All are great restaurants. Stop #2, Seville St., is Casablanca Cafe, Stop #4, Beach Place, there are some restaurants along the ocean. Stop #6, Pier 66 is Grille 66. Stop #8 is 15th Street Fisheries. Stop #9, Las Olas Blvd are several restaurants. But check out their website for more info.

      Have a great time!

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