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Sep 27, 2009 09:04 AM

Inexpensive with a large group of (mostly) kids

I am bringing a large group (30) to the city on a Monday and am looking for decent places that can easily handle a group that size. The kids are a group of orphans from Uganda who are touring the northeast for 6 weeks as a choir to raise awareness for their center, and range from 9 to 17. I get the fun job of entertaining them on their days off, and I am taking them to the city for the day. Type of cuisine is not really important, but a larger (non-mcdonalds-y) type place with reasonable prices would be great. We may do street food for one meal, but a sit down dinner would be nice. Any thoughts on a place that can handle a group like that? Pizza would be fine, and may be the cheapest way to go overall.


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  1. The Shake Shack at Columbus and 77th might be ideal. Enough space to handle a group your size, great versions of American classics- fries, burgers, shakes, at reasonable prices. A bonus might also be its proximity to Central Park and the Museum of Natural History.

    1. You haven't said what neighborhood you'll be in ...

      If you are up by AMNH then I second the Shake Shack recommendation. You could even take over the entire downstairs. But if you go during a busy time and you haven't arranged for that, I'm not sure there's enough room there to accommodate you.

      Same neighborhood, I'd also recommend Pinch n Smac -- macaroni and cheese (various combinations, plus build-your-own options) and pizza.

      If you are in the Times Square/Theatre area, then I would suggest John's Pizza (on 44th). Again, for a group that size, you'd need to reserve.

      Good luck!

      1. I'm going to get flack for suggesting this but here goes..

        Times Square BBQ Dallas. Its loud and they have the space to handle large parties. I would call in advance.

        Ok guys, give it to me.

        1. John's Pizzeria (44th St. location)
          Katz's Deli