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Sep 27, 2009 09:00 AM

What to serve with lobster stew

Traditionally in Maine, lobster stew is served with oyster crackers and sweet mixed pickles. I want to serve it as a light [!] supper with some fresh vegetable accompaniment. and cornbread, but I can't think of appropriate vegetables, or salad combinations. Maybe it's all those years of eating just those pickles, but nothing else seems right. Maybe a blueberry pie dessert would be the answer. Hope someone can help.

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  1. My fish cook book suggests following with a salad, cheese and a fruit dessert. I would skip having a cheese plate because the soup is rich. Instead, I would slice some French bread into a little more than a quarter inch. brush with olive oil and toast on one side. Cool and put slices of goat cheese on the bread and then on a baking sheet, which can be all prepared in advace. I get the logs that can be sliced about the same size as the bread. Pierce the cheese in a few places with a sharp knife, sprinke with a little chopped rosemary (dried is fine) and very little coarse black pepper and then drizzle a little olive oil on the cheese. I use a spoon and just drip and smear it around a little. Into the oven at 400 degrees for a few minutes until the cheese starts to droop--not melt all over the place. Have your salad plates filled and sit two of the cheese rounds on each at the side. It's just enough cheese to satisfy, but doesn't overload you with richness after such a nice lobster stew. Then have your fruit pie, or whatever, The cheese/bread sounds like a lot of work, but it's not--assembled in minutes and served warm, everyone loves it.

    1. Would something like a salad of end-of-summer tomatoes and grilled corn with some basil tossed in work?

      Maybe some oven-baked "fried" onion rings (trying to keep it lighter to balance the richness of the stew, but evoke the little lobster shack restaurants of Maine with the fried sides)

      1. Unless you have a really unbeatable recipe for the cornbread you intend to serve with this lobster stew, check this out. I baked it in a cast iron pan ... OMG it's good.