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Sep 27, 2009 08:06 AM

Best BBQ on between DC and Richmond

I'm doing an overnight road trip from Washington to Richmond, and looking for rec's for great BBQ on the way. I've searched a lot of posts here, but this is difficult to research as most posts make no reference to location.

Allman's in Fredericksburg is my default at this point, but I have seen some mixed reviews.

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    1. re: dcgdc

      I thought Smokey Pig was miserable.

    2. If you get off of 95 and take 301 into DC you can hit Johnny Boy's. They are excellent. It is near my home, so I eat there often. Everything is home made. It believe it is closed on Monday's. It is a rib shack with picnic tables, but they also have use of the building next door if the weather is bad. It is located in La Plata, MD. Here is a link to some reviews on Yelp:

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      1. re: SheriS

        I bought a car from the dealership next door to Johnny Boy's. Much to my chagrin, they were closed on the Tuesday that I went there. Yep, sign said closed Tuesdays. Quel Bummer.

        That was a couple of years ago, so I don't know if it's still the same.

      2. You could try Dixie Bones in Woodbridge.

        1. I recommend Buzz and Neds Barbecue in Richmond Virginia. The spare ribs are amazing, the right amount of smoke, His spare ribs won on the showdown vs Bobby Flay.