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Sep 27, 2009 06:34 AM

Uses for old spinach?

It seems like every week, I buy a big bag of spinach, and end up with about half of it left on Sundays. It's not really rotten at all, but it's starting to get old and I can tell it wouldn't really be fresh enough to use in a spinach salad.

Any ideas of what I can do with it, so I don't waste it?

I thought about putting it in a quiche with some mushrooms or something - is this a good idea? Or, if the spinach isn't good enough for a salad, should I just assume it isn't good enough for anything and toss it?


(BTW, I hate creamed spinach, so please do not suggest that!)

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  1. How about in a soup? Here's a Curried Lentil and Spinach soup from Epi that I've made numerous times and it's very nice...if you only have 3 ounces left to use, adjust the recipe accordingly or just use the 3 ounces or whatever you do have left for this soup...there are other great soups with spinach too:

    P.S. I'm in the same situation today & need to finish up a bag of fresh baby spinach; best way to do that before it rots is to cook it! I'll probably be making this exact soup too because I have 1/2 bag of dried lentils staring at me too!

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      Quiche or omelette would be perfect, or throwing into soup, or any other thing I was whipping up, would be what I'd probably do too. Chop it up fine so it looks like herbs if necessary. Or you can leave it whole and make stratiatelle or the Greek lemon soup (too lazy to look up spelling, sorry!)

    2. I like to saute it in olive oil with a little garlic, salt and pepper. A quick, simple side for almost any meat.

      1. Lamb goes well with spinach - here is a recipe for a tomato-based sauce including both:

        1. I throw spinach in my white pasta sauces. Like an alfredo you can keep it meatless, add the spinach, or sometimes a little sausage with the spinach. Either way it gets used and adds great color to the sauce.

          also spinach pesto. I like it with walnuts,fresh garlic, parm or romano, black pepper, red pepper flakes and olive oil. A personal side of pesto for your pleasure. Everyone has these ingredients, and its easy easy. Serve it as you normal do or as a topping for pizza, soups or beans.

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            Spinach alfredo is always delicious...

            As is a white pizza (garlic sauce, not tomato) with cheeze and sauteed spinach.

            You can also cook the spinach and freeze it- it keeps very well!

          2. "Or, if the spinach isn't good enough for a salad, should I just assume it isn't good enough for anything and toss it?"

            I normally use spinach as a veg rather than for salad but, generally speaking, it's something I only want to use when it's at it's best. If it's started to wilt a little or lose its colour, then it's going to get chucked out.

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              Agreed. You are right, a week is pushing it. I just saw that.
              But I find that the bagged spinach starts getting a smell (the same smell that bagged lettuces get) to it before it wilts. Bagged spinach goes to rotten before wilting. I smell any hint of that "smell" and out it goes. gross. I do try to buy bundled spinach when I can, yes it's more work but I like it so much better. I like picking through it and washing it a dozen times. Therapy.

              1. re: chef chicklet

                Thanks for the recipe ideas, everyone. I made the dal with spinach last night and it was great (of course, I suppose the spices cover up the spinach flavor? :)

                I'm kidding, the spinach wasn't rotten. It was at that critical point when a few leaves are, and you know the rest will be by the next day or so... so I'd rather cook it than eat it fresh. I mean, for a salad or other raw veggie dish, everything has to be completely fresh. For cooked veggies, well, I figure they can be a little less-than-fresh.

                Anyhow, I'll use some of these other recipe ideas, too - maybe I'll just make them a few days earlier in my spinach-shopping/eating rotation...

                1. re: anakalia

                  Yep, black & slimy=rotten so throw away. But tired and old veggies definitely end up in many soup pots and are safe to use. Fresh spinach, though, does not have a long fridge life, it's true.

                  1. re: Val

                    I eat a lot of spinach (well, drink it in juice) and I've found that it keeps much longer if I wash it, spin it in the salad spinner, and store it with a paper towel or two, or in a cloth bag. Seems to discourage the black slimies -- and I've kept it up to two weeks.

                    Oh, and I don't keep it in the veggie drawer. Not cold enough, maybe?