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Jan 4, 2005 02:50 AM

Ethnic Breakfasts

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Where are some good ethnic breakfasts around town.

Been to Gueleguezta in Palms, but it wasn't all that great from what I recall.

The CHEAP fast food chain chow king (Carson) has some nice filipino breakfast dishes (Longonisa sausage and rice, for example).

What else is out there? Preferably westside, but any suggestions welcomed.

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  1. I understand that in Vietnam, Pho is breakfast food. Check out your local Pho places.

    1. I understand the Indonesian restaurant right around the corner from The Kettle in Manhattan Beach started to serve breakfast (I think it's called The Banyan, on Highland Ave.). I've been interested in trying it out but haven't made it yet. If you go, please report back!

      1. Rutts Hut across from what used to be Washington Hospital serves Hawaiin breakfasts. I especially like the Royales which are veggies and pork stir fried with eggs and served over rice.

        There must be some J places sercing natto but I don;t know where

        1. I like the Chinese breakfast. Bowl of hot soy milk with some garnishes and fried dough for dipping. Egg omelette inside a tortilla type dough. One that I've been to is inside the Hong Kong Market in Rowland Heights.

          Checkout this link for a primer on the Chinese Breakfast.


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            Gilbert's El Indio, in Santa Monica on Pico just east of the 10 Fwy at Cloverfield/26th st serves cheap and excelent breakfast specials. Been going there for over 25 years for the breakfasts. Try their chorizo and eggs!

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              Oooh...right on my you happen to know what time they open?

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                Along that line, I'm sure that Campos Famous Burritos at 20th and Pico in S.M. also has breakfasts. I've never been for breakfast, I've been stuck on the turkey tacos (and occasionally the avocado burrito) since 1973 when it was still called Las Palmas.

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                  Yeah. I went there once for breakfast, but it took them way too long and from what I recall it wasn't that good.

                  1. re: Xericx

                    Good to know, although there's no chance that I'll ever want breakfast at Campos. They're pretty fast at lunchtime though. A couple weeks ago I stopped in for lunch for the first time in a few months, and the turkey taco special was about a buck more expensive than it had been, and the tacos seemed more thrown together than usual. Hopefully it's not on a downhill slide. I did get a free 2005 calendar though!

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                  I love Gilberts for the burritos. If you like Gilberts' chorizo and eggs...try Lares down the street. I even prefer the Talpa's chorizo over Gilberts, but the best chorizo and eggs in that neighborhood is at Snug Harbor on Wilshire at 23rd. Veggie or meat chorizo with tomatos and onions.(I sub the onion for spinach) It comes with a mound of german potatoes and tortillas.

                  1. re: Woody

                    If you don't mind strong, (and I mean *strong*) tastes then the best chorizo can be found at Ocean Park Cafe on Ocean Park Blvd. just across from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf about 5 blocks west of Bundy. They do an omelet called the "Culver City" which is chorizo, scallions and jack cheese.

                    If you ask for a dollar extra chorizo, which is the way I do it, and their home fries are wonderful/or you can do a mixture of home fries and black beans which is also great. The make their own salsa fresca and this will put hair on your socks, no joke. (g)

                    The weak point is their bread/toast. The best toast is the sourdough at Pepe's Galley in the Mar Vista Bowling Alley on the north east corner of Grandview and Venice Blvd. At Pepe's I rec. the Hawaiian sausage and eggs. Pepe's weak point is their fried potatoes/hash browns, which can be a little on the "under done" side at times. There is nothing worse than crunchy potatoes first thing is the morning.

                    Pepe's is good too if you need to eat early for some reason as they open at 6 a.m. vs. Ocean Park Cafe which is not open on the weekends until 8 a.m., (and even that can be a little shakey as the family that owns it were getting there late a while back, but have been better lately).

                    1. re: WLA

                      Yeah, I used to eat at Pepe's all the time when they were by LAX. Great Machaca and eggs!