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Sep 27, 2009 05:42 AM

Lincolnware sheet pan

Is Wearever the same one? The really expensive ones are 16 guage; are the 18 and 19 guage ones equally durable because they are significantly less expensive. I use my cookie sheets a lot (especially for making square pizza for fatherings) and am tired of warping, etc.

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  1. I have some Lincolnware, and they warp if a cold item is placed on a hot pan. It happened just tonight as I was oven roasting potato wedges, and I wanted to preheat the pan. They unwarp just as easily once the temperature evens out.

    I think the solution is to get the very heaviest gauge possible. That will be my next purchase.

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    1. re: RGC1982

      What is heaviest, lower number or higher?

      1. re: itryalot

        Lower number is the heavier gauge for most things made of metal, such as stainless steel sinks, so I assume that is how it works for pans.

        1. re: itryalot

          Yes, the lower number is equivalent to a heavier gauge. I believe Cooks Ill. recommends the 13 gauge but I believe the offer a 12 gauge too.