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Favorite pizza topping

Have been making pizza on the grill while the good weather lasts. My favorite topping is carmelized onions, toasted pine nuts, goat cheese and arugala. What's yours?

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  1. After a slice in Marseille this past spring, our favorite is tomato sauce (oregano and a bit of orange zest when making it), black olives, anchovies and then a sprinkling of parsley once out of the oven. So, so delicious. We bought a pizza stone so we could make this at home.

    1. I add the arugula after cooking, do you? A real favorite of mine is shaved fennel.

      1. i like bacon, carmelized onion and garlic

        1. Usually just tomato, fresh mozz, basil, salt and olive oil.

          Have made a white version with ricotta, mushrooms and prosciutto that was pretty fantastic.

          1. I have two actually. Spread a couple of tablespoons of pesto on top of pizza crust, add slices of mozzarella cheese, top with sliced, fresh tomatoes. Add good parmesan all over the top, sprinkle with olive oil and pop it into the oven, yum.

            Second one, spead pizza crust with 1 tablespoon of good olive oil, place sliced pears, pinwheel style on top. Add thinly sliced proscuitto, chunked gorganzole cheese. Place in oven, remove when cooked, toss on a handfull of toasted chopped walnuts and a drizzle of honey....yum too!

            1. Call me old-fashioned (or boring), but I still prefer good old pepperoni as long as it's of good quality like Molinari or Boar's Head. (see photos)

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                Can I get your dough recipe? And do you stretch by hand and leave the crust deliberately thick? (I like thin crust)

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                  It is a thin crust, stretched by hand, with a outer edge/rim that has a lot of "oven rise". Note that my flour and water measurements are by weight. This recipe is for (2) 14" pies.

                  I make my dough using the dough cycle of a bread machine and have never been tempted to do it any other way. I use the Lehmann calculator http://www.pizzamaking.com/dough_calc... , King Arthur bread flour
                  (sometimes a mix of 2/3 KABF and 1/3 KA All purpose), 63% hydration, 0.1
                  thickness factor, 3 day refrigerated rise, Fibrament stone in a 550 oven
                  (preheated for 1 hour AFTER the oven comes to temp), and an approximate 7-8
                  minute bake. Flour and water are weighed on my digital scale. NEVER a rolling
                  pin. Let dough sit at room temp for 2 hours before shaping. Good luck!

                  Flour (100%): 525.17 g | 18.52 oz | 1.16 lbs
                  Water (63%): 330.86 g | 11.67 oz | 0.73 lbs
                  IDY (0.20%): 1.05 g | 0.04 oz | 0 lbs | 0.35 tsp | 0.12 tbsp
                  Salt (1.0%): 5.25 g | 0.19 oz | 0.01 lbs | 1.09 tsp | 0.36 tbsp
                  Oil (1%): 5.25 g | 0.19 oz | 0.01 lbs | 1.17 tsp | 0.39 tbsp
                  Sugar (1%): 5.25 g | 0.19 oz | 0.01 lbs | 1.32 tsp | 0.44 tbsp
                  Total (166.2%): 872.83 g | 30.79 oz | 1.92 lbs | TF = 0.1
                  Single Ball: 436.41 g | 15.39 oz | 0.96 lbs

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                    bloody hell, no wonder it looks so good!

                    Such a shame there's no easy way around it like no knead bread. I measure everything by eye, having no scales. Still, I'll try and give this the best shot I can.

                    Need a stone too...

              2. Caramelized onions, thyme, broccoli, and mozzarella. Roasted broccoli in itself is incredible--add caramelized onions, thyme, and cheese to it, and it's mindblowing.

                1. I did make this one some time ago and it was excellent. Don't know why I haven't made it since. It consisted of mozz, parm, red bliss potatoes (sliced very thin), black olives, and a bit of rosemary. (see photos)

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                    This looks really, really good. And I gather the (very thin) potatoes got done.

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                      They were parboiled for a few minutes and dried well before using. Next time, I think I'd finish the pizza cook with a minute or so on the top shelf to brown them up a bit more but, yes they were definitely done.

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                        Parboiled before or after slicing? Thanks. Sound terrif.

                  2. My favorite is sliced tomato, chopped asparagus, roasted garlic, mushroom, toasted pine nuts and capers. Toss a little torn basil on at the end, drizzle with a little EVOO and enjoy! If I'm eating by myself, I ,generally, use Naan bread for the pizza.

                    1. buffalo mozzerella, fresh basil and parma ham. And a decent marinara sauce. Sometimes with grated parmesan (reggiano) , and sometimes swapping rocket for the basil.

                      Got to keep it simple! :D

                      1. A light brushing of olive oil under a bed of roasted Hatch chiles and fresh mozzarella

                        1. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to pizza. Either cheese, pepperoni or sausage and mushroom. And if all bets are off pepperoni, sausage, meatball/ground beef and ham.

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                          1. 2 favorites. 1 with pickled beets, caramelized onions, bacon, goat cheese, with olive oil base. the other with olive oil base, toasted pine nuts, fontina, caramelized onions & sliced grapes.

                            1. I prefer "white pizza" at home. Garlic olive oil base, topped w/ cubes of buffalo mozz, roma tomato slices, fresh basil and maybe a little sprinkle of black olive tapenade. If I have it, I'll also add a sprinkle of diced, fried paprika bacon (sometimes called gypsy bacon) and a drizzle of the rendered fat after the pizza comes out of the oven.

                              1. garlic & onion
                                bacon & onion
                                onion & pepperoni

                                all depends on the mood! but onions are usually involved. Lucky my husband likes them too.