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Sep 27, 2009 12:21 AM

Red Lobster Endless Shrimp - Anyone?

So...I've never been to a Red Lobster, and I'm sure the shrimp are frozen and farm-raised, etc. but I do like eating lots of things in one sitting. So, has anyone who appreciates the best of what Chow boards believes in been to Red Lobster and specifically for the shrimp promotion? Worth a try? Any of the choices much better than another? Thanks.

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  1. Was there two nights ago, my wife and I for her birthday. We go once a year for a lobster. There was a table of 14 next to our booth (I was in the food/restaurant biz for 30 years, I notice things alot of others don't) they all had the endless shrimp dinner, they were really chowing down. It seemed to me that the amount of time they had to wait for "refills" wasn't worth it. The food quality was fine but the place was packed (they usually are from around 5 to 8 pm) and the servers weren't right there when they wanted refills, lot of waiting.

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      Interesting observation of the 'slow play' technique. I expect that was carefully designed to limit food costs, even at the expense of table turn rate. Otherwise, the kitchen would be preparing copious quantities of each shrimp variety during prime time, and would have the capability to fill reorders quickly.

    2. not worth it. i tried this for fun one year (my friend and i had never been to red lobster and love shrimp).

      the "problem" is that it's not just shrimp that is served and they ask you to eat everything if you're ordering more. so -- with the shrimp scampi, it's a small portion of shrimp on top of heavily creamy noodles. i can't remember what the other variations were - but it was always some heavy starch and a small portion of shrimp. it was fun - but i didn't really feel like i'd had a lot of shrimp and i haven't been back since then (or had any desire to go back).

      oh - and i also can't eat much fried food - so the breaded shrimp were off my list -- but that has built in starch.

      1. We had this a couple weeks ago. Not a long wait time between extra orders(HINT: order an extra order at the time of placing your original order, the waitress even suggested this) Got the scampi and fried must have gotten something different,(probably fettucini) their scampi doesn't and never has, been served over noodles. The portions were good sized on each, and we could only finish one extra order. Not high class seafood, but good for what you get. Each individual restaruant is going to vary on service, and ours was excellent, as usual!!

        1. I've only been to RL once. I enjoyed the heck out of it. Everything was lathered in butter and tasted really, really good. I was a little astonished at the size of our fellow customers. Most were well above the 200 lb. mark and a few seemed to be well over 300 lbs. even. No exaggeration. It's tasty, but it's certainly not health food.

          1. So not worth the time or money. I went last month with husband and other family members and boy has the quality and quantity gone down. Service was slow, portions tiny and way overpriced. Rice pilaf wasn't fully cooked and my husband found a hair in his scampi. I'd rather eat Captain D's. The food isn't great but at least I didn't pay an arm and a leg either.