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Sep 26, 2009 10:10 PM

Wed. Farmer's Market on Rampart...remember, its in Las Vegas so don't get your hopes up too much!

Las Vegas is obviously not known for Farmer's Markets...the reason is simple...very few things are grown here.

That being said, the other day I went to the Wednesday Farmer's Market at the corner of Rampart and Vegas Blvd. for the first time. This is less than a mile from my new house, so I figured it was worth the short drive.

Only a handful of produce booths, but what was there was good quality and reasonably priced, IMO. Most of it comes from Southeastern California and Utah, although there was some stuff from the Central Valley (Fresno area). I found some excellent okra, also good tomatoes at 2.00 a pound. Hard to find good tomatoes in Vegas, so that was good. I bought three large tomatoes, some peaches (they were just so-so), a pound of okra, a very nice eggplant, some chilis, and a pound of brussel sprouts (very good!) and only spent about 12 bucks, so I felt it was worth it...

One thing I did notice was a booth selling "New York Style Italian" that had great smells coming from it...and very reasonable prices for that sort of venue. It also had a long line, and I had to be somewhere else quicly, so I didn't sample anything. Any of hte hounds know what restaurant it might be connected to? Anyway, I definitely plan on going back and trying one of their meatball sandwhiches.....

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    1. re: Friend of Bill

      4pm to 8pm. btw, in answer to kathy's post below, the tomatoes I bought last week were far better than the ones I get at Albertson's. But I have a new house with a good yard so next year I'm growing my own!

    2. You aren't kidding about the tomatoes here in Vegas. We say the same thing and keep wondering why good tomatoes are so rare here, being so close to California. I've been to the Rampart market and the one down on Town Center and while I'm glad to see attempts at Farmer's Markets, the tomatoes and a few other things I bought were exactly the same hothouse produce we can get at Albertson's. I'll keep supporting the vendors at these little markets in hopes it will encourage bigger and better efforts in the future....but I'd kill for one really, genuinely good tomato right now and would pay premium money for it.