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Sep 26, 2009 08:02 PM

Black Pudding in Washington DC?

Is there anywhere in the Washington DC area that sells black pudding? I am from the UK and I cannot tell you how much I miss black pudding :(

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  1. I don't know about shops, but I can tell you that Ireland's Four Courts, a restaurant in Arlington, VA has it on the menu:


    P.S. You might also inquire at Commonwealth, a British-inspired gastropub in DC:

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    1. re: Gigi007

      I was honestly hoping to buy some. I have never tried blood sausage, is this the same as black pudding does anyone know? I presume blood sausage would be easier to get in Washington DC than black pudding.

      1. re: Dean_UK

        Just about every country has a spin on blood sausage. Germany, Spanish, French, British. On my last trip to Germany I had a delicious Wolf-fish (European Seabass) stuffed with a German style blood sausage. It was one of the best I've had.

        1. re: Dean_UK

          I don't know for sure, but regarding blood sausage, you could try the Mozart German deli in downtown DC. I assume that there are also more places in the suburbs that sell it as well

          1. re: Gigi007

            An Austrian friend of mine tells me that Cafe Mozart German Deli should have blood sausage:


            He also thinks that you may be able to find it at Eastern Market.

            1. re: Gigi007

              you can usually find Morcilla and Boudin Noir at Canales Deli and Canales Quality Meats, I don't recall seeing blood sausage/pudding per se (but then I wasn't looking) if anyone has it they would. but I'd call first. Union Meat, might, but they tend towards the more straight forward fare.


      2. It's also a component of the "Irish breakfast" at Ri-Ra, the fake Irish pub on Elm St in Bethesda. (I'm just making fun of the place - actually I think that fry-up is pretty good.)

        Have you tried the butcher at Eastern Market? I haven't tried to buy it there since I like it in very small doses only so I don't know for sure that they'd have it, but they do have a wide variety of sausages.

        1. Classic Cigars and British Goodies in Clarendon has a fine selection of British food imports like Cumberland sausage, meats pies and Aero Bars. I dont remember specifically seeing black pudding there but i bet they would have it. I have not been in a good three months so my memory is fading.

          Classic Cigars and British Goodies
          3020 Wilson Blvd
          Arlington, Virginia 22201
          (703) 525-6511