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Sep 26, 2009 07:53 PM

Foodsaver Freshsaver Handheld Unit

Has anyone had a chance to use this?

I am wary. I really liked the Reynolds Handi-Vac system at first. Reynolds has discontinued it, stating "Handi-Vac is one of those great products that was unable to generate the consumer demand and profitability required to keep it in our product portfolio."

Yeah...unfortunately this "great product" was also unable to generate a good seal to keep food in one's freezer. One could easily spend two minutes trying to find the sweet spot on the valve to extract air.

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  1. I could see that coming with Reynolds so I bought a sh**load of bags back then.

    I find them really convenient and effective for things I'm going to reopen and reuse like second bags for the huge bags of frozen peas or the frozen fruit I use a handful of for smoothies.

    I'm wondering if I run out of bags how these bags would work with my battery powered Reynolds hand unit. But, for convenience sake, I'd rather Foodsaver came out with a handheld sealer that I could use on things that don't need a vacuum like chips bags and cereal inner bags.

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    1. re: rainey

      Rainey, I saw one of the Foodsaver units at Kohl's today and gadget freak that I am, picked it up. There is an intro kit consisting of sealer, charger, adaptor, some bags and a container.

      The way it is designed, I believe you could use it on the Reynolds bags... Same principle - center a circular gasket over a flap valve on the bag and activate.


      - it sits in a recharger base (no batteries to change, and that Reynolds unit was a pain to change batteries).

      - It is compact. Smaller than the Reynolds and more ergonomic.

      - It also seals special rigid sandwich-size containers that are available. It comes with an adaptor for this.


      - price of this unit was $32, although I understand KMart has them for $19.

      - the bags don't seem to be as substantial as the Reynolds bags. This is purely subjective...I haven't sealed anything in the bags yet, but they seem flimsier, thinner, with sort of a cellophane feel to them.

      - The adaptor for containers is stored in the recharging base. Not very convenient.

      - The containers have a simple rubber flap valve on the lid that provides the seal once a vacuum is obtained. To break the vacuum, you lift a tab on the rubber diaphragm. In theory it should work well but it looks flimsy.

      I'll do some testing and get back....

      1. re: Jimmy Buffet

        Thanks for the info.

        As I said, my primary use for a handheld would be sealing the plastic rather than creating the vacuum. I'm perfectly happy to pull out the full-sized FoodSaver for that. It's the small things I reuse all the time that I'd like to reseal.

        And then I was hoping, if the FS bags remain available, I'd like to know that I could vacuum them with the Reynolds hand held I already have.

        1. re: rainey

          Like you, I have a full size FS but it is a pain to pull out...

          Have you ever considered getting an impulse sealer? I have. They put a seal on plastic bags and not only just the Food Saver bags... Here is one:

          And also like you, I have a considerable stock of Reynolds bags and I THINK I have another Reynolds HandiVac. If I can find it, I will try it with the FoodSaver bags, as valve-wise, they seem to be the same...

          1. re: rainey

            Rainey, I can't find my Reynolds vac but I tried using the Foodsaver Freshsaver on Reynolds bags (of which I also have a lot) and it worked. So conversely, maybe the Reynolds vac will work with Foodsaver bags.

            However, I did some research on the Foodsaver Freshsaver bags and they are labeled as being refrigerator use only. Thats a big limitation for me. I guess that explains their thinness...

            1. re: Jimmy Buffet

              Hi. I m new here and this is my first post. i do have Reynolds Handi-Vac and lucked into some bags on ''outlet'' from (via amazon) but still spent more then I probably should have but I DO like my little vac-sealer for what it is. But now I see the FoodSaver FreshSaver hand held unit. Anyone finding this a good alternative? Did the bags work interchangeable? I would then have some for the freezer and some for the refrigerator. Many thanks!

              1. re: akahon

                I liked the Reynolds. Can't get bags. The Freshsaver bags DO NOT work with Reynols unit. The seal area is different. I will have to get a Freshsaver hand-held unit. now that my experiment with different bags has failed.

      2. I've been using one of these for about a month, strictly with cheeses. I've been very pleased so far.

        1. I was disappointed when Reynolds discontinued it but have since moved on to the Ziplock system and like it much better -- works like a bicycle pump, no batteries to replace.

          Since I like it, I guess soon I'll find they've discontinued this, too! I have the Foodsaver vacuum sealer but that more of a big deal, takes more time.

          1. I am thinking to buy the Reynolds Handi Vac, but I'm afraid this batteries operated vac, the power won't be as good as the Foodsaver Freshsaver rechargeable one and I don't want to keep changing batteries. Have anyone tried using Foodsaver Freshsaver with Reynolds bags? Will it seal perfectly? How is the power compare to Reynolds?

            I prefer to use Reynolds bags because they are a bit cheaper and also can use in the freezer.

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            1. re: vc2010

              vc, you won't be able to get Reynolds bags at some point (where are you getting them now?) They aren't being made anymore.

              1. re: coney with everything

                Coney, you can find the vac and the bags at now.

                1. re: vc2010

                  How did Debbie Meyer get her name on it?? Lucky me, a year or so ago Kroger had a big sale on the bags and I bought a slew of them.

            2. The original comment has been removed