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Sep 26, 2009 07:03 PM

Christmas in Denver

I am visiting my son and his girlfriend (whom also just moved to Denver in May) for the Christmas Holidays. I would love some info on a really nice restaurant to go to for xmas eve dinner or christmas dinner. They are vegan, I am not, which makes it slightly difficult. I would love this place to be very cool, quaint, cozy, with great atmosphere. (Not real pricy, economy sucks) lol. If anyone could help would be perfect. Also any thing exciting going on for Christmas at that time, Denver or surrounding. Or if anyone has ideas please feel free to let me know. Would help me and the new residents. Thanks so much.

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  1. For fine vegan offerings, try WaterCourse Foods, ( tho' I don't know what their holiday opening days are. Hotel restaurants are always open, and for Christmas, probably the best bet would be Panzano in the Hotel Monaco. As an Italian restaurant they have vegan options too. The Brown Palace is a must-see, even if it isn't in your budget or their food commitment. The Brown's soaring lobby is decorated to the nines, with a fantastic tree in the middle. Don't miss it.

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      There are several Indian restaurants that may cater to vegan diets in the area. Watercourse will at least help you if you call and explain your dilemma. Very nice people.

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        Beerzombie - The only reason that I didn't suggest Indian or other ethnic restaurants was that they are less likely to provide a quaint, cozy, cool, festive Christmas atmosphere.

        Urbanspoon has a list of area vegan/vegetarian restaurants at, but many are in Boulder and/or are fast casual w/ minimal atmosphere. If not useful for the holidays, at least it's a general resource for them.

    2. Thank you, thank you for your replies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!