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Sep 26, 2009 06:22 PM

Dinner recommendations in Aberdeen

Will be traveling to Aberdeen to visit daughter who is at University of Aberdeen and will be there for three nights. Could anyone recommend some places that have good food, but not too stuffy. She's finding all of the college student deals for food, but I was thinking of something a little more upscale. Thanks....

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  1. People talk about Silver Darling, a seafood place, like it is the only place in town for fine dining.

    There is some buzz on the street about Bistro 210, a new arrival to the Aberdeen scene.

    Also, La Stella has been a local favourite for a long, long time, but the former proprietor retired and there has been a change in management.

    As I haven't been to any of these places, I can't comment on whether they cut the mustard. Despite all of the petropounds sloshing about, Aberdeen isn't much of a dining mecca. I like the place, but it's more of a pub town.

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      Thanks maclock! Leaving for Glasgow tomorrow and then to Aberdeen mid-week. The menu's from 210 Bistro and LaStella look good. Hopefully, we'll be able to get to them for dinner or lunch. At least now I have some options that are a little more upscale than college student food. Don't mind pub food either....if it's good.

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        You're most welcome. Enjoy Aberdeen!

    2. If we're making recommendations on the strength of places we've never been to, I'll make a recc for the Silver Darling.

      It's the only place listed in the Good Food Guide (cooking score 6 - so pretty top echelon - would that my own metropolitian centre, Manchester, had a 6).

      Hardens also chips in with Bistro Verde, Cafe 52, Cafe Boheme & Cinnamon.

      But, as I say, like maclock, I've never been to any of these places.

      1. I'm guessing my response is a bit late. I can certainly recommend Ciao Napoli just off Union Street, lovely southern italian food. Also Musa, just near the train station, not your nicest of areas, but the food is great and the menu changes frequently. As does the menu in the Foyer. They even have a dairy free menu, which is great as I have a few allergies.
        I've never been to Cinammon, but gotten mixed reviews. The others above, I've been to all and they are great!
        For decent pub grub, I'd recommend the Illicit Still, just back of M&S, but they are fussy if you change something on the menu. Eg, my husband wanted fries with his chicken dish, which came with rice and they said they cannot replace it. If he wanted fries, he'd have to pay extra. Any other restaurant would have simply replaced the rice with fries no bother.

        1. Thank you everyone! I'm not heading there until Thursday, so I still have a chance to hit a few of them. I know I'll be hitting M&S, so might have to work that with a stop at the Illicit Still for lunch.

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            If you walk round to the side entrance and head out towards Tiso outdoor shop, the Illicit still is very near by. Actually its just off Broad Street if you're at the top of Union Street as well.
            If you were thinking of somewhere nicer for dinner, I can certainly recommend the Marcliffe as well (restaurant - part of a 5 star hotel).
            Enjoy Aberdeen, bring your umbrella & scarf! Its getting colder...

          2. Just a quick note to thank everyone for their input on my whirlwind weekend in Aberdeen. We didn't get to many places as I was planning on printing this once I got to the hotel and they wanted 15 per day for internet access....needless to say that wasn't happening, so we had to wing it.
            Our first night, the hotel manager suggested The Ashvale for fish and chips and I must say the fish was very nice...daughter loved it. Went to the Illicit Still the next day for daughter had been there and wanted to go was good and she loved the veggie burger. Soyabean, you were right they can be difficult there as my daughter wanted to take home the burger that she couldn't finish and asked for some foil to wrap it in...not happening there. What a waste of food!!
            That evening we took five college students to dinner and they wanted Pizza Express. The name made me think of Dominoes pizza and wasn't too my surprise it wasn't bad for a pizza place.
            We also went to Stonehaven as it was a beautiful day and had ice cream at Auntie Betty's (I think) it was right on the water. Among the best ice cream with toppings we've ever had. It was like a mixture of ice cream and gelato with maltesers, flake and marshmallows on top. I think that replaced a meal that day!!
            Thank you all again.

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              Glad you enjoyed your trip. Just by way of clarification, wrapping leftover food to take away is simply not the general custom in our country.

              For a chain, Pizza Express is usually reliable - I recall going to its first branch on Wardour Street in London many years back (and going to the branch in Kingston and being seated almost next to Brian May, of Queen). Of course, that was back in the day of pizza being new-fangled food. And we still use the Pizza Express Cook Book, published in 1976 and written by the founder Peter Boizot, for recipes on the odd occasion we make pizza from scratch

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                In cheap-and-cheerful restaurants with big portions, I often ask to take away my leftovers. Can't generally remember having any major problems getting them. In higher-end places where the portions are normally smaller, there's generally not enough left on my plate to warrant packaging it up. :-D

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                Glad you enjoyed your stay in Aberdeen.