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Sep 26, 2009 06:17 PM

Technivorm, Zojirushi, or Capresso coffee maker?

I bought a Capresso MT-500 thermal coffee maker a couple of years ago, but within the first year the carafe stopped keeping the coffee hot. I'm torn between spending $60 on a replacement carafe (afraid I'll have the same problem again), splurging on a Technivorm (would rather not spend $265 if I can avoid it) or trying the Zojirushi (have read some good reviews). The Zojirushi costs much less than the Technivorm, but it's expensive enough that I would spend the extra money on the Technivorm if the quality is that much better. Any thoughts?

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  1. I have had the Technivorm for about 5 years. There have been no problems and the coffee tastes like . . . coffee. If I were to do it again I would seek out the less expensive item, give it a try and return it if unsatisfied.

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      The technivorm, by far, it is a coffee machine that is rated to brew between 195-205* one of the handful of drip coffee machines that brews the correct temperature. Not only is it probably the best machine out there, It is built like a tank. If the price tag doesn't faze you, that is the machine for you.

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        I am thinking about a Technivorm - but I think with the glass pot. I have heard the Thermal pot does not produce hot coffee and I really have to have very hot coffee. Does anyone have the glass pot version and does it keep the coffee hote?

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          The Technovorm Moccamaster is the best coffee maker on the market. If you enjoy good coffee you will not regret the expense. The thermal pot is a better choice and will keep the coffee very hot if you preheat it before brewing. I boil 2 cups of water in the microwave and pour it into the carafe just before brewing my coffee. Works great every time.

      2. I would love to have the Technivorm coffee maker, it looks fantastic and from everything I've read, the people who use it love it, but just as I can appreciate a $15 bottle of wine when in fact I would love to have a $100+ bordeaux, I find that the coffee I get from my Zojirushi is delicious, and I believe I paid about $70 at Zabars (store). By the way, I bought the 10 cup with the insulated carafe.

        1. If money's the concern, go out and buy 2 or 3 different sizes of Bodum french press. Then you can control the water temperature and the coffee is going to be as good as from the Technivorm.

          I'm all for the Technivorm, but I simply don't drink that quantity of coffee all at once; a medium sized press does just fine. When there's two of us, the larger one comes out. If we have company, we use more than one. It only takes 4 minutes to brew the coffee anyway. Presses also take up less counter space. :)

          Technivorm if you want the best possible drip maker.

          1. I've used the Technivorm for almost 2 years and am totally satisfied with it.

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              Where did you buy it? Do they sell the Techivorm grinder as well. Been having trouble finding a retailer (local or online) in Canada that sells the grinder.

              Was going to buy a Cuisinart Burr-grinder/brewer machine but for another $100.00 I'm willing to buy a Technivorm. Nothing but great reviews online. Rather not waste my money on a Cuisinart if the Technivorm is as great every one says.

              1. re: BDD888

                Who have you tried to buy from? I bought my TechniVorm KBTS 3-1/2 yrs ago from Boyd's in Oregon.

                They were the only distributor who offered TechniVorm brewers in color options (I got "graphite"). I've loved it every time I've used it.

                Do you have a special reason to get the TechniVorm grinder? If not, I'd strongly recommend a refurb Baratza grinder, either the Maestro or Barista (only difference is exterior color). For $70 or $80 refurb, these grinders can't be beat.

                1. re: Eiron

                  I haven't tried to "buy from" any one yet. :) I said I found a few Canadian online retailers selling TechniVorm brewers (Transcend from Edmondton, Green Beanery in Toronto and

                  Any special reason? Not really. Just noticed on a YouTube clip of a Williams-Sonoma commercial talking about the TechniVorm grinder. The Baratza will make the "right size" grinds?

                  I'm hoping to get my hands on the KBG741. Has a warming switch as well. Only found it sold on US websites so far. Like Boyd's

                  1. re: BDD888

                    "The Baratza will make the "right size" grinds?"

                    Definitely. I have the (much older) version of the Baratza Maestro/Barista, which was the Solis 166/Starbuck's Barista (same as the Saeco Titan):

                    The replacement Maestro/Barista has a better range of grind settings, a larger, more powerful motor, is quieter, & (I think) has a "bump grind" (temporary on) switch. I bought one of their refurbs a year ago for my dad. It looks & works like a brand new unit, & even comes with a 6 mos warranty.

                    If I had to replace my 6 yr old 166 grinder, it would definitely be with one of these refurbs.

                    1. re: Eiron

                      Ok thanks pal. Guess I'll get a Baratza. Don't know if it will be a Maestro. Suppose it doesn't really matter which model. There is this $219 CAD model. The name I forget at the moment. But I am looking at the TechniVorm with the warming hotplate option. Which I might need to order from the US if I can't find a CAD retailer.

                      But what do you guys think of Capresso? Specically this model. ... ...might not need the 40 settings of the Baratza Virtuoso :) Or Maestro 2011...

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                  Check out the Kitchenaid professional burr grinder. I've been using one for the past 3 years and love it. It's not as expensive as the Technivorm and works beautifully.

              2. Maybe this is totally unhelpful, but if I was going to invest that kind of money in my coffee (and I looooove good coffee), I'd spend it on a couple fabulous presses and nice insulated carafes to put the coffee in.

                You might want to check out the reviews on Lots of interesting stuff there.