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Sep 26, 2009 04:55 PM

Im looking for a good baby shower cake.....any suggestions?

Im not looking to spend hundreds's not a fancy wedding cake or anything. Seems like every suggesstion I have been given from people are for cakes that look like they belong at a Wedding reception.

Just a super yummy cake place for a good deal. =)

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    1. depending on how much you want to spend, the best baby shower cake is hansens basket weave cake. it is gorgeous and delicious. i am a cake maven - have eaten them all - and this one is my favorite (it is also a great birthday cake - yum!). go online and check it out. and they have a couple locations depending on where you are located. i think it is spectacular and way outdoes susina, sweet lady jane, etc. trust me!!

      1. Without a doubt, the most beautiful (and tasty) cake will come from Hansen's. You will never be disappointed by their cakes and I agree with FrogCreek, their basket weave is soooo pretty. Unfortunately, you will also pay a pretty penny.

        If good-but-on-a-budget is what you want, I would recommend Porto's. There is no beating the value of their products and everything, really, is delish. They have locations in Glendale and Burbank......and coming soon to Downey too??!!!!

        1. I attended a baby shower a couple of years ago in Santa Monica.
          The hostess of the party had ordered, believe it or not, a cake from Ralph's...their strawberry shortcake cake.
          Everyone went crazy for it and they did a beautiful job decorating it
          We were all pretty shocked when the hostess told us where it had come from.

          1. Not knowing where you are, whether or not the decorating is more important than the cake or what kind of cake, King's Hawaiian Bakery in Torrance is not only reasonable, it has fruit filling flavors that you won't typically find anywhere else. So if you want something that isn't necessarily trendy, check it out. http://www.kingshawaiianrestaurants.c...