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Sep 26, 2009 03:18 PM


This post might be walking the line a little bit, but it is worth a try.

I need a new stove. I cook like mad and have been working a 20 year old gas kenmore. I'd like to get a 5 top I think.

Any suggestions of where to look that won't totally rip me off? Trying to stay away from Sears...

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  1. Well a few quick things before the post police show up.

    Do NOT get a commercial range for your home no matter how bad you may want one. Unless you have a commercially rated kitchen in your home it will void you home owners insurance. If your home burns down, they won't pay.
    If your going for 5 burners, get 6. You can always leave them off and I found when having a dinner party I can keep sauces reducing or things simmering while I saute something else.
    Price ranges are wide from 2-6K - the one I've cooked on and liked were the Garland and Wolf Home Ranges. (the most expensive of course) GE has a new Monogram series that I haven't used but looks great and has a lot of features for a good price.
    If you bake, spend the extra money on a convection oven.

    Hope that helps!

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        I'm sorry I forgot to tell you. I think I saw an add or commercial for Kiva Kitchen and Bath being the local distributor? I only work with Commercial Foodservice Equipment Dealers so, I'm not up on who all reps Home products.

        1. re: FoodEquipmentGuy

          Since you seem informed, who would I call to get repairs done on a 50 year old Okeefe and Merritt? Valves may need to be renovated.

          1. re: Paul Silver

            Paul, I wish I could help. I do know they were the cool stove before it became cool have have all the extra features. I am a manufactures rep for commercial kitchen equipment and only know a little about home units. I would check the greatness of the Google and I bet you'll find what you need.

            1. re: Paul Silver

              I know that Appliance Associates (on Romeria, off of Lamar N of Koenig) repairs Chambers (I have a Chambers). I'd imagine that they would naturally work on O'Keefe and Merrits, too.

              They also have "scratch and dent" stock. The original poster might be able to find something there. Sometimes the scratches and dents are imperceptible.

      2. We ended up going to San Antonio to purchase a Five Star Range, which was significantly less than a Wolf but very similar in features. We've had it since 2001 and have been really pleased with both the performance and the customer service. So far we haven't had an issue with it that's required anyone to come fix it on site - all stuff we could do ourselves (knock wood).

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        1. re: addlepated

          is 5 star a brand or a line made by a brand?

        2. Why are you trying to stay away from Sears? I got a Kenmore elite dual-fuel, one of the top-rated models according to Consumer Reports, from the Hancock Center Sears, floor model, at a very good price, and their customer service was excellent. I really like the stove, too.

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          1. re: Bat Guano

            usually you can get one on your Sears card for 12 months, no interest. Pretty good deal.