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Sep 26, 2009 02:48 PM

I Need a Sleuth in College Park

I am now many years away from the DC area. 1) Could someone please tell me whether the University of Maryland still has an ice cream store on Route 1 that's supplied with excellent ice cream by students getting a degree in commercial ice cream making? 2) If the store is now gone, my next question can be ignored. But if it's still there, could someone tell me what kind of malt they put in their malted milks? The only brand I find in retail grocery stores is Carnation, which is icky sweet. and has no flavor of malt. There must be another kind. Thank you. The malts of my childhood had a strong malt flavor and the last time I tasted it was at the University of Maryland ice cream store.

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  1. 1. Yes, it's still there. Sort of. It's part of one of their cafes and has lousy hours.

    2. They have malted milks? I might be going this week, I can ask and report back. But, I don't recall it on the menu, so they might not have it any more.

    1. The Ovaltine straight malt flavor powder is very good, as is the chocolate malt. Both have a good, malty flavor that is not overly sweet. Also, Fox's makes malt syrup as part of their U-Bet line that is pretty tasty, but it is probably sweeter than you are looking for. We can get both at our local Superfresh and Mars supermarkets.

      1. Could it have been Horlick's?

        1. In answer to our first question....the Universit of Maryland is still there...and their ice cream is still awesome.
          I am a big fan of malt too. I have alwas used Carnation powdered maled milk. ( I have worked for 6 different ice cream companies) ....never had a problem with Carnation. If your malted is too sweet I would cut back on the amount of syrup in the shake if I was usung malt.

          1. Thanks to all. Re the UMD ice cream store, I have happy memories of getting a chocolate malt and a vanilla cone, dumping the cone ice cream into the malt, and calling it lunch. I will search online for malt brands mentioned.