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Sep 26, 2009 02:01 PM

when you see unhygienic practices...?

Mice and roaches have had some discussion on CH recently but what about obvious unhygienic goings on?

Today, I went to a recently opened deli (in Fl not that it matters) and ordered a bagel with cream cheese from the take-out counter. The server was sweeping the floor when I walked in, saw me, put down her broom, asked for my order, went to the glove boxes and put on a pair of gloves. My first thought was eww she didn't wash her hands first, then she went to the white cutting boards to slice and spread the bagel and I noticed a produce box of parsley on the white cutting board and other workers removing parsley from the box and shaking it out (not rinsing first).

She sliced my bagel as close as she could get to the produce box and I suddenly lost my appetite. For sure that box had been on the floor and or the ground at least once in it's life and there it was sitting on a food prep board, right next to a bagel that I was about to eat, with unwashed parsley bunches being shaken all over the board. I called her and said cancel my order and told her why, she shrugged. I got a restaurant manager and pointed out the situation who was fairly disinterested.

I have done a food managers course but besides that I am a consumer too. Yes I know all kinds of things happen in kitchens (including my own I daresay) but I don't want to SEE bad practices when I am going to eat there.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. What you describe wouldn't even register with me. You're entitled to your own ew-factor, but if you continue down this path you will never eat anything ever again. And that will kill you much quicker than a bagel contaminated with dirty parsley.

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        I have to agree. Your experience wouldn't even have triggered the slightest bit of alarm in my mind, nor do I think it should have.

        People are growing more and more "unhygienic" phobic to the point where it's becoming a ridiculous obsession.

      2. What you don't see isn't going to hurt you either.

        1. If she had washed her hands (properly) she wouldn't have NEEDED to wear gloves. And do you believe that rinsing off that parsley was going to remove much in the way of pathogens? Other than that, ditto what others have said.

          1. are you sure the parsley wasn't washed earlier?

            and given that she put on gloves, exactly what was going to pass trough those gloves onto her hands and then your food?

            why am i even getting involved here? nvm