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Sep 26, 2009 01:52 PM

Russian Dream~Marlboro NJ

Has anyone eaten here? Any reviews? thanks!

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  1. Hey, Angelina,

    We had lunch there once. The food was so-so. Stick with Shirin! :)

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      Thanks RGR! We actually wnet last night for dinner to Russian Dream. We totally forgot the Russian restaurants turn into an event on a Sat. night. there were about 4 tables set up for parties of 20 each. One party was already there, about 25 of them.

      Anyway, they did seat us by the front etched window. We did not think they would serve us because of all the huge parties coming in, but I guess the owner said ok because when the waiter first approched us, he said he had to check..anyway we ate there.

      I thought it was pretty good. Although we really had the most "Americanized" Russian food, I had the beef stroganov, and my husband had the chicken kiev. Both were really good. My beef could have been hotter, but my husbands came out steaming hot. His was a better choice than mine. The chicken was nice and juicy. My beef was still a good dish, just the temperature was off.

      We started with the meat pierogies. They were so big, and so many! I had 2 and could barely eat any more. I also eat a lot of their bread! yum.

      It was so cheap. Our check came to $ 40.00 before tip. We definately have enough leftover for another dinner tonight! Pierogies, beef, and chicken. Also the meals were served with is it..kasha? Tasted like barley or bulgar wheat. It was good.

      I have to agree, Shirin's food was much better, but I did enjoy our dinner and glad we finally got to check out the place!!

      Do you know what blini's are? I saw them on the menu and never tried them. I have not googled them yet, just thought I would ask you, RGR! Thanks again!

      1. re: Angelina

        You may know them as blintzes. Same thing. Basically the Eastern European version of crepes.

        1. re: cantkick

          Thanks so much, cantkick! Now I KNOW I love them!! haa haa!

          1. re: cantkick


            That's not quite right. Blintzes are large rolled-up crepes filled with cheese or fruit. Blini are tiny pancakes which are usually served with caviar.

            Link here to a photo I took of blini at Eleven Madison Park:


            Glad you had a good meal at Russian Dream. I actually had the Chicken Kiev and was not enthusiastic about it. Albert and Marina used to served quite a good one when they owned Rendezvous. We recently had a first-rate version at Mari Vanna, a new Russian restaurant in NYC.

            1. re: RGR

              Wow! Thanks for the link, RGR! You made me also want to run to EMP for that halibut and everything else! lol

              The blini look great in that pic. I do agree with you about Albert and Marina's food. So delightful. I have to get back there, maybe lunch in the next week or so. Also, thanks for the new restaurant pick. Did you review it on the Manhattan boards? I have to go possibly Wed. or Thurs. this week. Maybe I will check it out!

              Thanks again, RGR. Great pictures of all that great food...ooh and the wine..yum!!