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Sep 26, 2009 01:49 PM

Any Armenian restaurants in NJ?

This was also on the Tri-state board, but never any responses. Any places here in NJ?

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  1. Not Armenian, but there is a Georgian restaurant in Warren on Route 22. Since Armenia borders Georgia, I figure the cuisines must be similar.

    HOWEVER, my one and only experience at this place, which is called Georgian Street Scene, was poor. One other person also posted about this restaurant and his experience was, if anything, worse. Perhaps we need a third opinion! :-))

    I have a friend who is Armenian so if no one else comes forward with an answer I will give her a call.

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        Angelina, how about Turkish? Geographically, Turkey and Armenia are next door neighbors too so there must be a lot of overlap in their cuisines. Turkish restaurants have been discussed several times on the board. Just do a search.

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          Thanks ambrose. I think I have been to almost every Greek and Turksih restaurant in NJ. lol!! Thanks for your help. My girlfriend is Armenian, but she lives in Manhattan, and does not come over to NJ to dine, which I don't blame her. I just love her cooking, and thought maybe someone knew of a little gem I overlooked!

          Thanks for your posts and your help!

    1. In Asbury Park was the Royal-Armenian House and Hotel , but I believe its closed- It was the best, trendy/ethnic before ethnic was trendy!!!!!

      1. try zaaitooni in red bank on mechanic street more middle eastern but I think youll find a fix for some of those cravings. very clean place never have had a piece of rusty lettuce on my greek salad with grilled chicken eat them once a week for over a year

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          By the way, Zaaitooni is owned by the former owner of Sahara in Rocky Hill and there is still some connection between the two. (I know of at least two restaurants named "Sahara" which are actually Lebanese. Why is that?)