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Sep 26, 2009 01:12 PM

NYC CHer needs help for weekend in Providence.

Hello all! I am a Bronx CHer who will be visiting my little sister at college in late October and I wanted to get some insider tips for good eats in Providence. We will want some good local grub for lunch and one nice rec for Saturday evening. I am not really sure what the specialties of RI are but we love everything, especially seafood! As for dinner on Saturday, I am not looking for super high-end but would be willing to spend $50/person (including wine, etc). I know my sister likes Andino's but I would like to treat her to something new and not Italian (I get plenty of that down here). Thanks in advance for all of your tips, and let me know if I need to be more specific in my request!

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  1. Hi,

    A good place to have fun is Thayer St near Brown, or Wickenden St. they are safe areas the rest of Prov is unsafe.

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      Hemenway's is still one of the best for seafood, though Carrie's on Douglas Ave (near the Providence College area) is just as good and more casual atmosphere (dinner prices are anywhere between $15- $30). Boradway / Federal Hill is a great place for lunch, and the restaurants there are pretty varied, not just Italian any longer. You don't say which college she attends, so there are other areas other than the East Side which have restaurants for the college community.

      Please disregard the statement which claims Thayer St and Wickenden St. are "Safe" and all other areas are not. That's simply not true. Those areas have had their share of 'crime' as had every other nieghborhood. Just play it safe no matter where you are in a college area.

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        "the rest of Prov is unsafe"? Frank, please tell me you were chuckling to yourself as you wrote this?

        For seafood, I'd suggest Providence Oyster Bar on Atwells (although that might be pushing the $50/pp w/wine). For all 3 meals, you might want to check out the menus at Julians and Nick's on Broadway.

        1. re: Frank Terranova

          Frank please!ive never ever had a problem, vote is for lili marlenes,on atwells,an easy and quite safe walk from federal hill,another safe and a shining star in prov eats scene.fed hill is well worth a day of exploring too.check out the avery too,cool cocktail bar,and i think they opened a raw bar in the area too.Tini downtown is pretty cool too,tapas menu,fun,fitting name.lots of great local seafood close by too.

        2. We went down this weekend, had a fantastic falafel on Thayer St. at East Side Pocket:

          Everything they were making looked fantastic, we also had excellent chips/hummus

          My sister recently had a wonderful sushi dinner at Shark (right there on Thayer st as well). Have fun, my first time on campus to see our neice and loved it.

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            Go to this place The chef is old school and gruff, there is no menu and the food is superb. Just let him know what you like and ask him to bring it. Inexpensive wine list too

          2. I like Loie Fuller for a funky night out. The drinks are cheap, the food is reaonable, the wine list is small, but thoughtful and the food is great! You could easily do $50/person, including wine and drinks. The space is stunning.

            Even if you go somewhere else for dinner, stop in for srinks and appetizers at the gorgeous bar.


            1. I find the statement that "the rest of Providence is unsafe" to be quite frankly quite offensive. Please disregard. Downtown PVD is one of the safest cities you could visit.

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              1. re: dagwood

                Thanks for all the tips!! I am really looking forward to this trip and I think we will have some great meals! I have to say that I am a bit surprised by the "unsafe" comments, and I think my definition of "unsafe" is probably pretty different from Frank's. Anyway...
                So I am thinking that Hemenway's might be good for Saturday night dinner and Nick's on Broadway would fit the bill for Sunday brunch. I have also heard a lot of talk about Seven Stars Bakery, and was thinking that we might grab some baked goods for breakfast on Saturday. As for lunch that day I am still not sure where to go. I guess it might be a good idea to walk around Federal Hill and snack as we go.
                Thanks again for all of the advice!!
                OH! I forgot -- My sister goes to Providence College.

                1. re: bosun

                  Disregard the "unsafe" comment. Granted there are parts of any city or town that you might want to avoid at 2am, but the vast majority of Providence is safe.