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Sep 26, 2009 09:40 AM

waltham restaurants

I am spending one evening in Waltham (a sunday night) and looking for a place to dine. I was considering SummerWinter, but was wondering if there is anything better. love all sorts of food - ethnic, sushi, fusion etc - but I want it to be the best of the best. My favorite Boston restaurant is No 9 Park but I would prefer not to drive into the city for dinner that night.

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  1. Summer-Winter is in Burlington, at least 20 minutes from Waltham. There are lots of threads on Waltham restaurants, whould be easy to get some choices.
    Some to start with:
    Higher end Italian: Il Capricio, La Campania
    these may be your best bets if No 9 is your comparison. I used to love the Tuscan Grill, but I get the feeling its suffered a severe drop over the years.
    Tapas: Solea
    Indian: New Mother India, Bombay Mahal
    There are also many good small cheaper places, like the two tacquerias , Tacqueria el mexico, and Tacqueria el Amigo
    Cambodian: an outpost of Elephant Walk, i preferred it when it was Carambola
    Thai: I used to like Erewan of Siam, but haven't been in a long, long time
    BBQ: I've always liked Jake's Dixie Roadhouse, but if you're looking for No 9, this aint it.

    1. given your reference to No 9, I would second Campania. I would also recommend a reservation.

      1. Yup, if you're looking for a fine dining restaurant in Waltham you really only need to consider La Campania. I'll make my obligatory plug for Hyderabad-style Indian food at Kebab & Tandoor on Main Street if that interests you. Tacos at Taqueria El Amigo (a short drive from the main part of Waltham) are delicious and authentic Mexican style. With the exception of a few sandwich places there really aren't any other restaurants of note in Waltham.

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          Please tell me of the few sandwich places that rank highly in your book in Waltham. And please don't tell me Dominics. ;-)

            1. re: Luther

              Thanks for that. ;-)

              If anyone has a serious answer to the question, I'm all ears....

              1. re: LStaff

                LStaff, hopefully you won't mind if I pile on to this thread, since you might find it helpful.

                A while ago, someone posted that they had tried the chacareros at Tara Restaurant on Moody, and been impressed. House-baked rolls, etc. Any recent reports, anyone?

                Tara Restaurant Pizza & More
                288 Moody St, Waltham, MA 02453

                1. re: bear

                  I've had the chacarero at Tara a few times and find it very good. The bread has been fresh and it's a nice change from the typical sub shop fare. I'd still say the sandwiches in Downtown Crossing are better, but Tara is in my hood. They don't have the same spicy spread as DC, but they will give you a small container of hot sauce which appears homemade. I didn't care for that, but still a very very good sandwich without it.

                  I also consider Domenic's and Carl's serious responses to the sandwich question. I'd add Russo's (love the smokestack) and Salem on Moody. Lena's has also been around forever and makes a nice sub.

                2. re: LStaff

                  That was a serious answer, are you saying that you like neither Dominic's or Carl's, yet you suspect there are other sandwich places in Waltham that you might like? There's also the Russo's deli counter.

              2. re: LStaff

                i am personally a fan of the sandwiches at cafe on the common

                1. re: LStaff

                  Fulcinateys (sp) was always my go to spot for sandwiches while i lived and worked in Waltham. Limited choices but fresh and reasonable prices.

              3. The original comment has been removed
                1. Is Mimi's Steak Subs still there? I used to like it (back in the 1980s, however)