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Sep 26, 2009 09:32 AM

fall vegas deals?

i will be in vegas the first week of november. I've perused the old threads re: deals in las vegas (wynn 25%, prix fixe menus at DB, etc) but i wonder if they will expire by the time i am there? does anyone know of any deals of higher end restaurants in the fall?

thank you.

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  1. Not advertised but on the menu board in front of Hubert Keller's Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay this week and everytime we've been there over the past year are various 2 for 1 early bird tasting menus which we enjoy every time. Two of us have dined there with these specials for under $125 with tip and bottle of wine. The creamy truffled onion soup with duck confit was simply divine a few weeks ago. They also offer a prix fixe menu..don't recall the price except that it was very reasonable. Again, not advertised but posted on the menu board outside the entrance to the restaurant.

    These unadvertised (but posted on the menu board) early bird/prix fixe specials seem to be common with quite a few of the high end restaurants in the Strip these days. Perhaps other posters will have spotted similar specials............

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    1. Fleur de Lys, as well as RM Seafood in Mandalay Bay usually have certificates at Right now they are 80% off with the discount code CHEF, so a $25 cert is $2.00. I don't believe you can use the certs for the tasting menus. The certs are valid for one year.

      1. Just received this in my email from Border Grill at Mandalay...

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          I'm not familiar with Border Grill. How is it?

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            It's classic Mary Sue Milliken/Susan Feniger fare which on a good night is excellent Mexican with-a-twist. We had a fantastic dinner one time and a miserable lunch experience on another but would def. try it one more time to rule out the fluke lunch. Menu here

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              Border Grill is very good and not that expensive. Easy to get out for under $80 for two people with drinks and food.