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Sep 26, 2009 09:04 AM

Tropisueno--Happy Hour and Fish Tacos

I had a great time at Tropisueno's happy hour yesterday (weekdays 4-6).

My most chow-worth takeaway: there now exists great deep fried fish tacos ($3) in SF. Nick's is nice, but Tropisueno's fish tacos almost make me stop missing East LA.

The happy hour, overall, is fantastic:

-two or three Mexican draft beers for $3, or a can of Tecate for $3
-$5 house margaritas, each with two shots of El Jimador blanco, plenty of fresh lime juice, and a salted rim spiced with what tastes like pico de gallo (the red powder Mexican fruit stands use)
-$2 taco style tacos included a carne asada with great char grilled flavor and a really flavorful, yet light sauce.
-$3 chicken flautas were extremely crispy and piping hot, also with a nice char flavor. They were topped with a really fresh salsa verde and silky cook crema.
-I didn't try the following, but you can get $3 guacamole and chips, $4 ceviche, $3 or $5 quesadillas (enormous! price based on whether you want meat), or $8 shrimp cocktails.
- the mediocre $8 campechana (seafood cocktail) which got a pass because it's hard to make great seafood for $8.

Overall, I was really impressed that Tropisueno is able to offer bar food at under $5 that actually has nuanced flavors and comes out of the kitchen tasting hot and fresh. This is a cut above any taqueria or taco truck, and maybe even most upscale Mexican restaurants.

How are people liking Tropisueno for lunch or dinner?

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  1. Link:

    75 Yerba Buena Lane, San Francisco, CA 94103

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      We really love Tropisueno for dinner. There aren't a lot of tasty, fresh, fun places where you can go for a sit-down dinner on a Friday or Saturday night for less than $40 (with drinks!) for two in this neighborhood. The ceviches are tangy, fresh and plentiful. The chips are great- be sure to request the habenero salsa! My husband and I normally share a 4 item combination with black beans and rice. My favorites are the chilli rellano and the carne asada taco. Even though the margaritas jump to $9 after happy hour, there are two shots in each so I, at least, feel like they are worth the price. Lunch, I understand, is taqueria -style, so it may be a different experience.

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        Don't use Google maps, it will send you either up near Harding Golf course or out to the island.

      2. my fave lunch item is Chile Rellenos $3.95 loaded with cheese, plain and simple good

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          AM a big fan of Tropisueno for lunch and had one good dinner there. Very clean, fresh tasting Mexican taqueria style food at lunch and more traditional at dinner. Tequila selection at dinner time is outstanding as well. Highly recommended for weekday lunch but go a little early to avoid long line.

          1. re: poulet_roti

            Thanks for the write ups, we're going to try this place Saturday night! I've been on a hunt for the best fish tacos in SF.

            Will let you know what we think.

        2. I tried Tropisueno last month for lunch and was very impressed. Particularly their chicken enchiladas, shredded beef taco, and pork chile verde. I also heard great comments on the chile relleno. Our lunch group believes that someone in the kitchen knows their sauces. I'm looking forward to returning!

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          1. re: felice

            Your lunch group is right: someone in that kitchen definitely knows his/her sauces. Each dish had its own sauce, not just generic red or green salsa.

            I went back for the chile relleno one day at lunch and really enjoyed it. The only thing that could have made it better for me was a scoop of meat on the side. I like cheese, but a whole chile stuffed full of cheese with no carbs or meat on the side is a bit much for me to handle. That's a personal preference though: sharing a taco and half a relleno with a friend would have been perfect.

            1. re: Pei

              they also offer a chile relleno stuffed with meat - I've tasted both versions, and still prefer cheese only.

              1. re: Cynsa

                The meat version I saw on the menu had raisins in it, which did not sound good to me. Is there a non-raisin version some days?

          2. Anyone know how to correct the Google map that appears to the right directing people to Yerba Buena Island? Here's a correct version via Yahoo:


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              Yeah, pretty whack for visitors especially, PB -- I was assisted on another thread or I might have ended up on an island :-).