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Sep 26, 2009 08:59 AM

Firefly BBQ - Quincy

I went there last week for the first time in a few months and was very disappointed to find out the menu had changed. Prices are up, plus all the 2/3/4 meat combos are gone. The plate of food I used to get for $17-18ish would have been $25-26. I understand prices need to go up, but this increase was shocking.

Plus 2 of the 3 new combos they have include BBQ chicken as 1 of the 2 meat choices. I dont drive an hour+ to eat bbq chicken, in fact im not sure I have EVER ordered bbq chicken in a restaurant before.

Anyone else notice a drop in value?

BTW the food always seems to be good, not fantastic, but considering the lack of BBQ in RI, this seems to be the closest thing to a decent real bbq meal. Looking to try Soul Fire soon, didnt really enjoy Blue Ribbon terribly much. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Try Blue Ribon again ;-)

    Steve Uliss (owner if Firefly's) is a talented guy, but I don't think it comes through in his food these days. Ribs are OK, pulled pork NC style is my favorite. IMHO, ribs at Blue Ribbon are much better, as is their brisket. BBQ is a personal thing, so I'll just say that the best ribs and brisket in the Boston area come from the Pit Stop in Dorchester. Pain in the a**, though - open limited hours, no place to sit, and they randomly run out of stuff. Still worth the trouble.

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      do they have a sweet sauce? I cant do bbq in places that only serve carolina or texas sauces.....ok well thats a lie, I can DO bbq in any place but I prefer the sweeter sauces.

      I thought the meat quality at Blue Ribbon was mixed.....VERY fatty brisket, but the ribs were good.. I was disappointed with the sides, however....mac & cheese 1 day a week? Mac & cheese and BBQ just go together IMO.

      also - anyone know where you can get some nice meaty spare ribs or even beef ribs? Blue Ribbon has them on certain days, just not the day I went there

      1. re: joe777cool

        I'm very fond of the beef ribs at the Village Smokehouse in Brookline. That's the only thing we order there.

      2. re: taooffood

        I believe Mr. Uliss has pretty much given up on the Quincy location. The parking lot is empty most nights and the food was never great. They'll most likely be close d in a few months.

        1. re: jjbourgeois

          I have to agree, the staff as a whole doesn't make much of an effort and the restaurant overall feels dull. This location for some reason has been tough, although I don't quite get it, given the constant flow of traffic. Not crazy abut their mac & cheese, the pulled pork is okay, but the ribs - yuk!

          1. re: Pegmeister

            Was it originally naked fish? Then Red Sauce?

            1. re: typhoonfish

              Originally the Hollow, then Naked Fish, then Red Sauce, then Redwood Tavern on something like that, can't really remember because it only stayed open about six months. Fireflys just doesn't seem to be making the effort, there's no energy. I thought if they opened just a little earlier they may have more of an after work crowd, or late lunch crowd, especially now that they have Keno.

              1. re: Pegmeister

                You are correct in the chronology and names. Redwood was beyond horrible. Even the Villa Rosa was better than Redwood.

        2. re: taooffood

          I've never been a fan of Firefly's. We gave them a number of tries, and it was always inferior to the Blue Ribbon.

        3. I'm a Texan and a barbecue snob. Have met the owner of Firefly and his family and they are nice, but still can't bring myself to like the food.

          Blue Ribbon and Red Bones, meh. The Village Smokehouse in Brookline and Lowell has the closest thing to good Texas barbecue I've found out here (try the brisket and sausage combo). I keep meaning to try Soul Fire and would love to hear whether it's any good. Firebox is opening in Bedford in a couple of weeks; my husband is a vendor there and gave me a sneak peek at the menu and philosophy. Looks like it's going to be simple but good.

          One thing to look out for re: quality is whether a place does multiple styles. Barbecue is an art and it's very hard to do Texas AND Carolina AND Tennessee AND Kansas City style well, all in one place.

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          1. re: MenuPorn

            We liked the ribs at Soul Fire, we had the pork ribs, big ones. The last time we went, a few months ago, we thought they weren't as good as previous visits, but we'd try them again. I make burnt ends myself, so we're on the lookout for good ribs.

            1. re: MenuPorn

              Menuporn....what is firebox? can you expand......

              1. re: momoftwo

                It's a new BBQ restaurant opening in Bedford on October 12.

            2. Try M&M Ribs in Dorchester for your next BBQ fix. We had it this weekend and it was as good as ever (more than enough to justify eating on a plastic table in the middle a dusty truck parking lot). The ribs, chopped pork and bbq chicken were all delicious as were the sides (mac & cheese, collards, rice & beans). I don't know what style it is technically, just that it is the most satisfying BBQ around these parts. The sauce is on the sweet side, but it is addictive. I also like the people who run the operation and feel good supporting them. Also, we got back in the car stuffed to the gills for under $20.

              I would link, but the google address is incorrect. They are now located at 102 Hampden Street, and they are not open Sun-Tues.

              1. Update, I sent an email to Fireflys to express my concerns and was contacted back by Mr. Uliss. To sum up the email, he said that due to the struggling economy (rising food costs, lower traffic) changes needed to be made.....

                The reaction of some is to lower prices, for others it is to raise prices. I really dont understand the latter! I think the reaction to raise prices is self defeating and short sighted. I know I have less disposable income than I did a year ago, so it is even more important for me to find value whenever possible. Raising prices will only reduce customer counts even further.

                1. The original comment has been removed