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Sep 26, 2009 07:33 AM

Blues Brothers-themed lunch

I have agreed to prepare lunch at a boating rendezvous with a Blues Brothers theme. Have not been to Chicago in decades and cannot recall what I once knew about favorite foods there, like Philly CheeseSteak, Cincinnati Chilli - I remember that there were some but the memory faded.

Please give me some leads. -Thanks

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    1. re: Cachetes

      Right! That reference went by me so fast in the movie it didn't make an impression. Thanks - Got the recipe. That should lay waste to the afternoon activity schedule. I have a feeling that it is a sneak attack drink. Excellent help.

    2. Well, how about whole fried chickens and plain white toast?

      Seriously though:

      Italian beef and sausage sanwiches on crusty bread with hot giardiniera.

      Butter crust thin crust pizza. Can you buy "Connies" or "Reggios" or "Home Run Inn" frozen pizzas where you're at?

      There's always Hot Dogs.

      I'd go with Italian beef and grilled italian sausages myself. Pretty simple ro do ahead of time, and spread out for a luncheon especially if you'll have a microwave. Even better if you'll have a grill going, but the snausages can be pre-grilled and lightly zapped to warm (not to cook them again, JUST warm up) That's TRUE hometown Chicago eats. And if you can get a hold of the frozen pizzas, go for it. Those specific brands only tho. If you wanna spend a few bucks, you can order some stuffed pizzas and get them shipped frozen. Depends on what kind of kitchen you'll be dealing with. DOn't know if you'll be off the boat in a kitchen or on the boat. Beefs and sausages and "Combos" (beef and snausage) are true chicago eats. Don't forget the giardiniera tho. Roasted/steamed green (sweet) peppers too.

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      1. re: gordeaux

        That's a whole lot, and I have some research to do. Thanks. We will be cooking on the boat, most likely, but it is a 34' trawler and there are a few bigger boats to which I can farm things out. This is a great start.

        1. re: gordeaux

          Beef it is. Can you clear up a discrepancy in what I have found? One guy talks about using chuck and slicing it:

          Another site from wants it cooked in a slow cooker and pulled, and they use Italian dressing with other spices for the cooking:

          The second one is easiest for us but I want to be authentic, too.

          Which do you like? - Thanks again.

          1. re: Gualtier Malde

            I'd use something long the lines of recipe 1 but NOT with chuck. Top sirloin butt or top round would be my preference as stated in that recipe. Also, paper thin cuts (shaving it) is also key IMO.

        2. Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger. Not a Blues Brothers but certainly a Belushi/Ackroyd connection, and I have no doubt that Jake and Elwood would both be quite comfortable with a smash burger a la Billy Goat.