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Sep 26, 2009 06:51 AM

Luisa's (Glens Falls)

We are going to Luisa's next weekend. Me for the first time. I hear she sings. Anyone been? Your thoughts?


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  1. I've been a few times, but not recently.... food nothing to write home about, but alright.
    No singing when I was there.
    Going to Bloomers tonight!

      1. re: jaylhorner

        So behind in my posts . . .including my Montreal trip report.

        Luisa's was crowded. We had a good experience. Luisa was in the house and sang. I had chicken Luisa. Food was good, not great.

        Going to Bloomer's again in early November, if not sooner :)
        I think they are open for breakfast and lunch now . . .