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Sep 26, 2009 06:44 AM

German sausage in the Triangle or Triad?

I had lunch the other day at Milltown in Carrboro, and while I am generally bored by their limited and unchanging menu, I always enjoy their German sausage plate. The sausage is distinct and flavorful, like the sausages I would buy from Polish or German butchers in Chicago. It's coming up on October and I'm thinking of an Oktoberfest dinner at home. When I asked where they got their sausages, the waiter said they were from the Bavarian Sausage Company in Greensboro. I can't find any listing for such a company online, so I'm turning to this august community: Have you ever heard of such a company? Does anyone know of a local source for good German sausages?

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  1. My husband (whose mom is German) loves the bratwurst at Tyler's in Durham - they get their bratwurst from a small operation in Chapel Hill called Eco Farm:

    They sell their stuff at the Carrboro Farmer's Market - might be worth a call or an email to see what they have available at this time.

    A lot of other good restaurants in the area get their pork products from Cane Creek Farm. They also do bratwurst:

    There's also Halgo's in Durham:

    They concentrate mostly on Polish stuff, but they have a lot of meats and cheeses you won't find at the grocery store. I've not tried the sausage, but I've really liked the other things I've gotten there and the people who run the place are really nice. They also do prepared lunches, so you might want to sample some of their goods.

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      Ooh! Halgo's sounds like a good field trip for a rainy day like today! Right after I posted I went to the Durham Farmer's market and saw that one of the farmer's (Fickle Creek, maybe?) also had brats.


      Any other suggestions, y'all?

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        If you go to Halgo's and they still have any apple cake left from yesterday, don't pass it up. We got some last week and it's delicious. The owner makes it on Fridays.

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        brinkley farms sells regular bratwurst and garlic bratwurst at the area farmer's markets.

        you might want to also call j betskis in raleigh, which sometimes sells their housemade kielbasas. (in the past, they've sold them around easter and fourth of july) the kielbasa is fantastic.

      3. Report back from Halgo's: a delightful discovery although sadly not a stop for German sausage. Great for Polish kielbasa tho! And who knew there were so many kinds of pierogis? And the owner are delightful themselves - the missus makes all their polish baked goods right there. I came home with a nice smoky keilbasa and potato-mushroom perogi for dinner one night this week.