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Sep 26, 2009 06:29 AM

La Chronique huge disappointment

We went to La Chronique on Thursday for a special asian inspired themed dinner as we had intended to eat there for a long time based on rave reviews. Based purely on technique (not flavours, as that is highly subjective) I was actually appalled at some of the blunders that were made with the meal.
1-The shrimp entrée was so overcooked it was actually inedible.Think erasers.
2-The fish was served on a fried lentil cake. Interesting idea. Except the lentil cake was so charred that it was actually burned to the point of being bitter, as well as being sooo salty as to be inedible.
To put this into perspective, I actually oversalt my own plate and like my food with char on it...
3- The scallop plate was served with black beans-some of which were so undercooked that we had to be careful not to crack a tooth.
4- The dessert was a macedoine of exotic fruit-they were so underripe as to be completely flavorless and hard-(Hence the idea of serving them in a smalll dice I suppose).

I eat in all types of restaurants without much complaint, but certainly at this price point, I was in a state of shock.

The wines were great, the service was lovely. I didn't complain as the place was crowded and I didn't want to embarass my host or the other dinner guests.

Based on this one experience I would definitely not ever recommend this restaurant.

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  1. How did the other dinner guests react? Sounds like you all did not want to embarrass your host - as your dishes were that bad I expect that it was the case with the others too.

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      Just so that I don't created confusion, when I refferred to guests it was as in guests of the restaurant and not our own,,,Thank Goodness!
      My host had the same complaints and more (after we left the restaurant) Eternal optimist that he is, he also remarked on what a good learning experience it was for us with respect to what flavours should never be combined.....As far as the other diners around us, one couple was close friends of the waiter,chatting with him all through the meal, another was sharing drinks with the chef, and the third older couple next to us were on an awkward first date kind of thing...and me being treated to what was supposed to be a special birthday dinner,,,and we were all pretty closely packed in...It just felt way too uncomfortable to start something...
      I am a fairly serious foodie and I will eat anything. Even a good old hot dog "steamée" can be great thing. This meal most definitely was not.

    2. That sounds terrible. It definitely does not reflect numerous meals I have eaten there in the last few months, but there is nothing worse than leaving a restaurant completely dissatisfied.