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Joey Don Mills?

Thinking of this spot for dinner. I understand it originates out west. Have any chowhounders tried this location, or any others?

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  1. I have not been to this location although I've been to a location in Vancouver 3 or 4 times. I am addicted to their ahi tuna club-- though I wonder if it will be as tasty without the benefit of the pacific coast on the doorstep. Please let us know if you go (or if you went!), I'm curious.

    1. Here is their website (which includes a menu):

      1. Yeah, I had the high rise burger w/ mushrooms and aged cheddar.. not a bad burger but they refused to cook it med-rare.. my friend had the NY strip loin and it was kinda flavorless... but the waitresses and ambiance make up for the food.... i would go back.

        1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/663940

          Further to my post last Nov, we did subsequently go there late one Sat evening with friends for drinks and it was crowded and loud. Lounge/club atmosphere. This is what I'd go there for. Not for the food.

          1. I haven't been since Joey Don Mills had their opening for the media, but got a chance to try a few of their signature dishes. I really loved their Panang Prawn Curry Bowl, it had a delicious flavour and a good amount of kick to it. Their Lobster Grilled Cheese was also quite decadent. I didn't love their Ahi Tuna Tacos, as the crunchy shell overpowered any tuna flavour.

            I did get a good vibe from their young chef, Chrill Mills, who developed the menu for this lcoation as well as the Vancouver one. And the vibe itself seemed to be young, casual and fun. I'd say it's kinda similar to Milestones, but a step up in terms of decor.

            I've got pictures of the restaurant's interior, plus details and photos on some of the dishes I tried, feel free to check it out:

            I'd say it's definitely a better option than the neighbouring Jack Astor's. Blech.

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              The Lobster Grilled Cheese that I had there was very salty to the point where I couldn't finish it and you can't taste the lobster at all. And the fries were completely tasteless without the dip. Yes, they're better option than Jack Astors, but in line with, say, Milestones, except Joey's waitresses are generally more attractive and their uniforms are much more revealing. That's their niche.

            2. I went there for lunch soon after they opened. The service was friendly, swift, informative and fun. The food was actually really delicious. I had butter chicken and it was flavourful and very nicely presented. this really isn't your average chain.

              However, i did hear that from Thursday to Saturday nights are loud and a bit of a meat/ meet market. so if you're heading there for dinner, i'd suggest a weeknight.

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                I was pleasantly surprised with my miso noodle bowl topped with chicken teriyaki. I shied away from the salmon option, imagining overcooked chunks of pre-frozen fish, but a neighbouring table had one and the salmon looked great! My co-diners were happy with their choices as well (Caesar salad, quesadilla, Alfredo pasta).

                Service was outstanding. I thought the space was very nice and the ambiance pleasant. Granted, we were there early on a Sunday, with only a few other tables taken. I was most impressed with the creativity of the menu options. I felt as if there were a handful of options from which I eventually made my choice. I rarely feel this way in restaurants. I'm generally intrigued by only one or two choices.

              2. A discussion about some recent articles about Joey Don Mills has been split to the Food Media and News board. You can find the thread at the link below:


                1. any recent chows @ this place? just curious about an update, reviews seem a little mixed

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                    My co-workers and I frequented joey when they first opened up. When they opened they actually brought employees (attractive ones I must say) from Manitoba and Alberta. Now it's all run by local Toronto girls.

                    To me it's just another moxies with a different name. They've opened up their roof top patio and it is very well appointed, more of an outside lounge enviroment rather then just tables and beer. Lots of sun

                    I ordered their most expensive steak, def better value at The Keg but wasn't horrible. Very small portion and they serve it with some sort of deep fried mash patotoe that is terrible in my eyes (and I love anything fried).

                    Personally the only thing I bother ordered when I go there is their flatbread with sausage on it, its very well prepared and a tasty snack but something like $10.

                    Joey has daily drink specials, which makes it an affordable place to drink. Jack Astors across the street had to respond with daily specials as well.

                    If you like moxies, this place will be right up your alley.

                    Jack Astor's
                    1090 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C3R6, CA

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                      Thanks for the reply! I am actually not a fan of Moxies...but perhaps I'll try the flatbread :)

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                      I would say it's a decent place if you're in the area but not worth a special trip. The menu is pretty extensive and tries to capture a lot of food trends. The actual food was ok and made for a decent meal but on an individual level none of the foods that I ate there were not the best I ever had (i.e. the fish tacos were good but I've had better, the fries were good but i've had better etc).

                      For my main I had the lobster grilled cheese. There is BARELY any perceptible lobster in there in both sight and flavour.


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                        RE lobster grilled cheese, it looks like they haven't changed one bit from my review (above). Too bad.

                        The Moxies comparison is bang on.

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                        I've been there twice very recently. It's a great spot! It's not cheap but the quality seems to be there. I've had the fish tacos, the sliders, lobster grilled cheese and the lava cake. All items were very good. I thought there was enough lobster in the grilled cheesed to make it worthwhile. Excellent fries too.

                        No complaints with the service either, all very professional. Joey D's is definitely a solid addition to the 'hood.

                        1. re: Brain of J

                          going on saturday...
                          any recent reviews?
                          menu favs??

                      3. went to joey's for an early dinner last night
                        made a reservation for 5pm two weeks ago
                        the reservation taker told me they were 'full',
                        but when i shared i wanted a 5pm table , she changed her mind
                        the restaurant's decor is dark and cozy
                        didnt find the set of 5ish TVs glaring from the bar area all that cozy
                        the crowd was 50+ or families with kids
                        i suspect that changes as the night goes on
                        i dont need servers skirts to be short
                        thats not why im there
                        this is a sorry 'hooters' trend i hope ends here
                        at least put the guys in tank tops if you arent going to be sexist:O)
                        professional dress i get and some of the front door/management did pull it off dressing without 'whoring' themselves
                        that said the service was professional (too bad them poor girls have to degrade themselves) and efficient
                        now for the food...there were 3 of us...
                        we started with two 9oz glasses of wine and a caesar
                        we shared the lettuce wraps (chicken - our server recommended) - loved the crispy noodle addition, but was very salty (too much hosin?) not enough other flavours (i.e. ginger)
                        we also shared the yam fries with lemon mayo - again over salted, but the lemon mayo saved the fries! the fries were golden and hot and crispy delish overall
                        i had the halibut with prawn spaghetti -
                        it was better than i expected
                        simple food done alright
                        diner 2 ordered the curry prawn dish and asked them to tone down they heat,
                        which they did and i did get a fork taste and it was full of flavour
                        diner 3 ordered the butter chicken -
                        having had butter chicken in some the the best indian restaurants in the city,
                        she couldnt resist. it was decent and a larger portion
                        our bill came to 125$
                        we left 155$
                        better than average chain fare
                        busy as all hell when we left
                        would i go back?..sure, but not without a reservation

                        i take it that some of the short food delays were caused by a busy kitchen