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Sep 26, 2009 06:11 AM

Joey Don Mills?

Thinking of this spot for dinner. I understand it originates out west. Have any chowhounders tried this location, or any others?

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  1. I have not been to this location although I've been to a location in Vancouver 3 or 4 times. I am addicted to their ahi tuna club-- though I wonder if it will be as tasty without the benefit of the pacific coast on the doorstep. Please let us know if you go (or if you went!), I'm curious.

    1. Here is their website (which includes a menu):

      1. Yeah, I had the high rise burger w/ mushrooms and aged cheddar.. not a bad burger but they refused to cook it med-rare.. my friend had the NY strip loin and it was kinda flavorless... but the waitresses and ambiance make up for the food.... i would go back.


          Further to my post last Nov, we did subsequently go there late one Sat evening with friends for drinks and it was crowded and loud. Lounge/club atmosphere. This is what I'd go there for. Not for the food.

          1. I haven't been since Joey Don Mills had their opening for the media, but got a chance to try a few of their signature dishes. I really loved their Panang Prawn Curry Bowl, it had a delicious flavour and a good amount of kick to it. Their Lobster Grilled Cheese was also quite decadent. I didn't love their Ahi Tuna Tacos, as the crunchy shell overpowered any tuna flavour.

            I did get a good vibe from their young chef, Chrill Mills, who developed the menu for this lcoation as well as the Vancouver one. And the vibe itself seemed to be young, casual and fun. I'd say it's kinda similar to Milestones, but a step up in terms of decor.

            I've got pictures of the restaurant's interior, plus details and photos on some of the dishes I tried, feel free to check it out:

            I'd say it's definitely a better option than the neighbouring Jack Astor's. Blech.

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              The Lobster Grilled Cheese that I had there was very salty to the point where I couldn't finish it and you can't taste the lobster at all. And the fries were completely tasteless without the dip. Yes, they're better option than Jack Astors, but in line with, say, Milestones, except Joey's waitresses are generally more attractive and their uniforms are much more revealing. That's their niche.