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Sep 25, 2009 11:30 PM

San Mateo's Joy Luck (re)Place(ment) confirmed...

During a recent lunch at Little Shanghai San Mateo, my mom spotted one of the Koi Palace captain's (floor managers) and a few staffers at the adjacent table. She went over there to talk to him (he knows her through my uncle) and my mom flat out asked him if KP is taking over the space formerly inhabited by Joy Luck Place, and the answer is yes.

Next, she asked, and was told, that the menu will be different, but they will serve dim sum. So perhaps a Koi Garden clone?

Last, they will be opening next month (when exactly I do not know)

Looking forward to this, and nearby ABC Cafe opening up. HK Causeway Bay across the street better enjoy their short lived monopoly of dim sum + Canto will be stiff competition once Koi whatever Champagne Garden(?) opens up.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I've been missing Joy Luck. We visited HK Causeway once and have not been tempted to return. If the new restaurant is in the same league as Koi Palace, it will certainly be welcome!

    (We were just at Little Shanghai tonight, and it has been consistently delicious. Not surprised the guys from Koi would eat there. )

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      If it is in the same league as Koi Palace it should be another great addition to our list of local dim sum. Wish dim sum was back on my regular diet.

      Now we need to have a Hakka place to replace the old one on 3rd Ave and good and cheap Hong Kong style western bakery.

      If this keeps up I will not have to travel to the City as much.