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Sep 25, 2009 08:37 PM

Tibetan food in CT?

I haven't had any since Little Tibet in Middletown went back to being just a furniture store. :( The only other Tibetan restaurant I know is in Lhasa Cafe in Northampton, which just doesn't begin to compare to the food I loved.

I'm up for a ride if need be. Are there Tibetan places near you that you recommend? When I google, I only find NY restaurants.

I even found a link to the old menu:

Any chow like this to be found elsewhere in the Land of Steady Habits?

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  1. If you can't find it I don't know who can. Perhaps Tibetan-Indian Fusion? I think you need to see if there are Tibetan students/organizations at Yale. Make friends...

    1. No clue. But I love that you regularly call CT "The Land of Steady Habits." Have I told you this already?

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      1. re: zoe p.

        HA HA, no you haven't, but I do sometimes wish our habits were less steady so it would be easier to find something like Tibetan food! ;)

        I think Scargod is right--maybe I need to make friends. Closer to home for me is the man who still owns Little Tibet, the furniture store. Maybe he can point me in the direction of other places--or better yet, introduce me to the former chef and I can learn directly from the source!

        linguist, if you're reading this, you must have a lead for me. How can it be we have so many other cuisines represented and come up short on Tibetan? Is going to NY my only option?

        1. re: kattyeyes

          Sorry, Katty -- nothing in CT as far as I know. There seem to be several places in Boston/Cambridge, if that direction appeals more to you than NY... There used to be a good place (Mt Everest) in DC, but it's closed.

          No, I'm afraid you'll have to travel, or make friends and get invited over...