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Airline meals: Flying Emirates IAH-DXB-CCU

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Does anyone know what a "Hindu" or a "Muslim" meal consists of on Emirates (apart from the obvious ie no beef/pork)?

I wanted to know if anyone can give me specific examples of sample meals before I take the risk of ordering something worse than the standard airline fare :)

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  1. Yes. The caterers to Emirates Airlines are the same ones that cater our cafeteria where I work. And I have flown Emirates many times. I can say their food is very good, I have never been so impressed with airplane food. But their source of lamb is very stinky. Lamb biriani is usually what they serve in the Muslim meal, so I always order a Hindu meal. That is usually some kind of lentils, a mixed veg, a pullao, an Indian sweet, a little plastic packet of pickles, and a salad. I do believe that all Emirates food is halaal, not just the Muslim meal. If were you, I would go for the Hindu meal.

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      Thanks for the info. Do you know if there is a non-veg Hindu meal (they have Asian vegetarian as a separate option)?

      Although lamb biryani sounds enticing, I'll take your word on it about the stinky lamb.

      I heart Emirates service is very good and we are looking forward to the trip. They even provide a hotel and meals during our layover in Dubai on the way back! All for less than what we used to pay on British Airways.

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        No sorry, I don't know.

    2. Did you complete you trip yet? I am also planning to book my trip, same route. Just wanted to know your experience. Also did they provide hotel on the return trip?