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Sep 25, 2009 05:16 PM

Yummy, yummy soups - YYC

With the start of Autumn rolling around I finally realized summer is over (although weather is still freakishly hot for September. And no snow...strange). One thing I love about winter is lots of good comfort food. Personally, I am a big soup person. Any places in Calgary that must be checked out for an soup experience?

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  1. Ramen with the best soup ever - go to Muku. Best soup I've ever had in a Japanese restaurant!

    1. This is for takeout, but the new Market Place at SAIT had some nice soups in large to-go containers for $4 (about 750 mL, I'm guessing)... I had the borscht (but it was chunky with beets and pork).. and a great Scotch broth with bits of lamb. All very fresh and lovely to have at home,and I didn't have to slave over stock etc. I really think $4 is a real steal.

      Market Place at SAIT, John Ware building, main SAIT campus on 14th St NW

      1. They only have one or two on offer each day, but the soups at Kawa Espresso Bar are made from scratch and are outstanding, especially the goulash soup and the thai chicken.

        1. Beef/Chicken Curry soup from Pho Anh on Centre Street by 16th Ave.

          Shikiji Udon/Soba (hot) from Shikiji across the street.

          I like the ramen at Muku as well, but its a love/hate relationship with some people.

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            Pho Anh and Shikiji are two of my favorites in the city. Love, love, love!

          2. Route 40 Soup Co (Turner Valley) Community also carries some of their soups