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Sep 25, 2009 05:14 PM

HOT DOG Help-Leominster, MA area

I spend Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Leominster each week. This week I had a craving for a copoule of dogs for dinner. BUT, I'm clueless as to where to find a decent dog.
Any suggestions for a 'roadside stand' or old time drive-in type pleace with decent dogs, fries and kraut?
Anywhere from Rt2 exit 34 west to exit 30 and from downtown north on 12 to the Fitchburg line.

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  1. You will not find a better hot dog anywhere than Elvis' Hot Dog Palace on Mechanic Street in Leominster. It's in a strip plaza no more than a mile from downtown Leominster. They have a website but I'm not sure what it is. If you googled it, it would likely come up.

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    1. re: RandyL

      They have all kinds of odd toppings, but no KRAUT...............

      1. re: bagelman01

        The Reuben dog has Kraut. The listed topping by themselves appear to be just toppings that you pay extra for, Bacon, chili or cheese...

        1. re: Sean

          I know it's been a month since I asked about good hot dogs in Leominster, but tonight was the first time I was in Leopminster early enough to eat at Elvis' Hot Dog Palace.
          I'm sorry I made it in time to try their food.
          I arrived at 5PM to find the proprietor standing just outside the door in his Elvis' T shirt smoking a cigarette. So I had to walk through the vile smell to enter and order.
          I walked the length of an almost empty, but clean restaurant to the ordering counter (there were 2 other patrons). I studied the menu and ordered the Reuben Dog, as Sean mentioned above, as KRAUT was a prime requirement of mine. I was asked if I wanted the dog grilled or steamed and I chose grilled.
          I paid and took a seat. after 7 minutes, my order was ready. There was a cardboard holder with a nicely toasted New England Style hot dog bun with the Reuben inside.
          This dog was covered with kraut and had a slice of pastrami on one side of the bun, a small amount of melted cheese, a hot dog, and I held the mustard (before you think ill of my choice, I am ALLERGIC to mustard).
          The kraut was overly sweet, straight from the can and lacking any krunch. The pastrami was unchewable, It was sliced too thick to bite, and was so tough, that I was convinced it had been heated in a microwave. I took it off and discarded it.
          The cheese was without any definite flavor, but not rubbery.
          Now for the biggest disappointment-the hot dog itself. The dog was a miniscule light pink pork hot dog with 4 grill marks running the length of the dog. It was not cooked very well. It has a phoney smoke flavor to it.
          I ate 2 bites, put it down, this dog was not worth the calories.
          If this is the best thae area has to offer, I will save my hot dog eating for the 5 nights a week I am home in Fairfield County, CT home to such places as Swanky Franks, Super Duper Weenie, Botsford Drive In or even Duchess.
          I'm glad I only ordered one dog and only through out $2.95 plus tax.

          The claim to fame here may be that they have many unusual topping combinations, but the underlying dog is not worth eating.

          In desperation, but still really wanting hot dogs for supper, I drove right up Rt 12 to BJs and had a hot dog at their food court., if only I could have gotten the BJ dog in the Elvis Bun..........

    2. The burgers and fries are pretty darn good there as well. No place around this area that puts fried eggs on their burgers but this place. Fresh hand cut fries.......I may need to go there today

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        thanks for the opinion on the fries-I don't eat burgers out, I grind my own